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  1. Good news / Bad news. Good news Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert are going to be made. Bad News Do to some Youtubers (who will not be named) putting up videos with videos of Rad alert 2 gave the impression that Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 was also to be updated. this is not happening. Seeing a couple other people posting on the video with the same impression makes me feel a little less stupid. So unless they say otherwise Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert are the only ones being updated.
  2. The big question is. Are they going with a new engine or using the old ones? I think it will be new. Next, are they sticking with the old sprits on TD/RA! and isometric tiles on TS/RA2? Or are they going with a 3d like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGtrJaiUZaA Since they are remastering it I think they will stick with the old setup. But amp up the graphics. Does anyone know? Since I can help them with the terrain in TS/RA2. I have a lot more ideas that I never put in the TX because of the limitation of the old engine. Stuff like aqueducts, tall flowing grass and wheat for hiding unit from the other player, train bridges and attaching different bridgehead and more ......
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