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  1. Why is this boadcasted in 480p or there's something that I'm missing?
  2. That's a very good idea, especially if it's a quick pay button like PayPal. Also it would be useful to know how much does running this awesome server cost on average so we can have an idea how much we should donate to keep it running - I'm cosidering establishing a monthly pay like a subscription. In the end it's not such a bad idea to have a subscription-based service like pay 1$ or 5$/month to play all these classic games online.
  3. What are, in your opinion, the best 3-5 C&C multiplayer maps of all time and where can I find them?
  4. Do we have a training Bot for C&C Tiberian Dawn like in OpenRA? There are beginners in this game that would need to get familiar with the game before going into multiplayer games with more experienced players. The bot might not be that of a challenge from a point on but it can put up a fight for starters.
  5. Thanks Chem! I also use 2 refs & 1 heli as NOD before airstrip (an apache can do wonders against an early gren rush, especially if caught in time to get 2-3 reloads between carnages). Still adjusting to multiplayer C&C games but I've caught some really interesting games so far and would like to see more. Maybe you could share your channel link/some vids of pro NOD players to get some inspiration πŸ˜‰
  6. One more thing, I'd say that the really long-range of the artillery in OpenRA makes it really annoying but also more effective than in the original. Also the fact the Helicopters stay/reload by themselves in the air/can be put on guard mode is also a huge change from the original. You could build almost impenetrable defenses by using a combination of defensive structures/artillery and air cover on guard mode. In single player games I could easily setup such a defence, go have lunch and find my base untouched when I got back. πŸ˜„
  7. I was a C&C player nearly 20 years ago (mostly single-player at that time + some far in between LAN games), still enjoying this game, strangely more than it's sequels like RA. The switch from sigle play to multiplay on cncnet has been tough, sometimes really tough πŸ™„ I recognize that l would try almost anything just to survive in a mp game. MattAttack & others YouTube videos helped but the distance between a "pro" player and a noob/somebody coming from sigle-player is enormous. The best thing this great cncnet team/community can do is to organize games for begineers to let them train, play at their own level/pace (catching those pesky grens at max game speed anyone...) and enjoy this cool game. We can even have some good "Yoda" mentors giving some live game lessons to a bunch of noobs from time to time. All things considered I still love this game, now more than ever! πŸ™‚Having a beginners "playgroud" without having to drastically improvem my CPM overnight would make it even more fun.
  8. Link from the first post does not work. I would really like to see this build - can you please report a working link to your channel?
  9. I really like the first (green) map! It has enough diversity/challenge to make it fun. For me a map has to be reallistic/surprising to be fun. I don't play symmetrical maps that lack immagination, it kinda spoils the feeling of the game, makes it too mechanical and dull.
  10. From all I've seen it has really good A.I. (bots) compared to the original. Good for training. Unfortunately there's little to no multiplayer activity. I guess that the game balance is somehow messed-up. One more reason to keep the old-school C&C alive. If we can only do something about that 90's A.I./pathfinding...
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