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  1. That did it! Awesome, thanks for the help. I wonder why it didn't work the first 10 times I uninstalled and reinstalled though... Wierd. Really Appreciate it, can stop pulling my hair out and start playing some CNC now.
  2. Well I tried running with sudo and got this error:
  3. I don't have wine installed on the system at all other than the wine wrapper that comes with the cncnet_1.0_all.deb package. Fresh Install of Linux Mint 19. Yes, installed using Gdebi. I'll keep trying. I really don't get why it works for everyone else but not for me. I spent almost a whole day trying to get it to work lol. When I click the launcher, nothing happens. When I run in terminal, that is the error code that it spits out. I guess I'll just have to stick to playing it on windows or setting up in wine manually. Thanks anyway. EDIT: Dunno if it makes a difference, but was the Version of Mint 19 you tested, the one with the Cinnamon Desktop?
  4. Well, that was pretty obvious. Problem is I see no package for wine-mono. How do I install it? Isn't this package kind of broken if it doesn't fetch all needed dependencies? I'll keep googling, but haven't really figured it out yet.
  5. I just got done installing the cncnet_1.0_all.deb package on Linux Mint 19 64-bit and it won't run, or even launch. I get this error in the terminal: Any Ideas?
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