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  1. The way I do it is create a folder called MapDev or something in the maps directory, then I have my 30 different versions in there. Once I am happy with the map, I then move it into the custom folder. Also makes it easier to find what im testing as in the cnc client I just choose the MapDev folder for a dropdown of my maps Assuming you're on Windows, go to the directory C:\Games\CnCNet\RedAlert1_Online\Maps or where ever you have installed Red alert.
  2. Any decent guides on modding RA1? Also i'm after a decent Map Maker. I used to use final alert back in the day and you could generate a map from a .bmp image. Are there any map editors for RA1 that do the same? I have seen the sticky thread on links but the Red alert 1 link is dead. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks. I guess servers would only make sense for a higher player count to justify having regions, i.e EU, NA, ASIA etc. My reasoning was that if they connected to a server then it didn't matter so much if you had 8 players from say... UK, Germany, Australia, North America etc. As they will connect to one central server. But I suppose with p2p they will connect to one host anyways. It's just that it's a shame when you have a few players with good internet and it just takes 2 other people, like UK and Russia to have a bad connection that will lag everybody. It is amazing the work you have done to revive this game. I used to play on xwis all the time back in the day and the CnCnet client is something really amazing. Where do you see the future of CnCnet? Also what is the best way to help contribute the project and community?
  4. Totally. A tunnel server would be far superior than p2p. There are so many games where all it takes is a bad conn between 2 players to lag everybody out. Also being able to select a server would increase incentives for more people to host them. I know they have official servers with high capacity already but why not utilise them fully?
  5. Thanks, done and hosted one Is there a list of all of these commands about? Also I play Red Alert 1 and have read that it will use p2p by default. Would there be a way in the future to have the ability to select a custom server? Nearly every Red Alert game I play seems to use p2p which 6 time out of 10 lags. Also thanks for nop2p command!
  6. Nice solution!How does the CnCnet servers work in general? I only play RA1. https://cncnet.org/status I have spun up a VPS and got it going (Sadspider's server) However how do I connect to it or is it just used by default?
  7. Hi there, Not a big fan of p2p. Is there any server code available to run and host a community server? Any help would be much appreciated!
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