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  1. My system was/is pretty much up to date (Linux Mint 19.1, updating every other week). Nevertheless I executed all commands in that order. The last command in fact fixed it. :-) Seems to work fine now. Awesome work, donated right away. Thank you very much. :-)
  2. Okay, I noticed the error occurs directly during installation also: - It downloads .NET framework 2.0 - it installs .NET framework 2.0 - The font error occurs: - followed by another one: So I guess this is a problem within wine? But I'm a total newbe, no idea what to watch out for. I googled to see where I could put additional fonts and found https://askubuntu.com/questions/86335/installing-other-fonts-on-wine but still, I don't know which font is missing. :-S
  3. That also helped me to get the installer throught. But now when starting cncnet I ge the following error message: Is it known which kind of font is missing where?
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