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  1. it doesnt change the fact that Arnolds only work like 1/200 times vs gd players they are only decent with a blue harv combined and btw game didnt count anyway could hardly control shit cuz of the massive lag/dcs all the time fix it its anoying AF
  2. it wasnt your "Arnolds" but Shar dying to 3 Devils:/ fact is Arnolds pretty easy to defend
  3. only crybabys make up excuses:) accept your defeat and move on.
  4. 1. He is very calm, never over reacts, and always responds rationally.
  5. trolling and "cheating" is something totaly different Pinocchio
  6. thats funny and yet another lie cuz i asked NiL right after the game and he had NO CLUE AT ALL LMAO
  7. ok so you keep telling lies and more lies i never invited you you came in my game and suggested the map to me and i didnt payd attention it said warning then you won on the cheat map and we never playd another "normal" 1 vs 1 after cuz we playd a 2 v 2 with thaillist then xme came to check it out and kicked you from the server [for reasons unknown too me he let you back on] wich he should not had done cuz you kept cheating afterwards Vet map with the space between ]
  8. mola is a 100% right
  9. i totaly agree with this list 😀
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