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  1. Well! I'm remapping the map today. I need to change few things. 1- The north player have a disadvantage because the accesses to leave or enter in his base are too narrow. It's beautiful on the map but not in terms of gameplay. 2- Reduce the amount of details ( trees, houses, etc ) in the right side of the map. 3- Enlarge some space to smooth the movement of units See you!
  2. 1- C&C Td 2- Red Alert 1 3- Dominions 5 (turns per turns with lot of strategy, depth, lot of units and spells, more of 70 nations) 4- Dai Senryaku 7 exceed (Ps2, Turns per turns, contemporary armies and units, strong military theme) 5- Starcraft 1
  3. Thanks for maps pack. I'm starting to make maps for c&c today. I will check that! Pretty sure that will help me! Thx!
  4. Hello. I'm Necrotikflesh. I'm huge fan of C&C1 and Red Alert1 since I'm child. My passions are Music, I am bassist (death and black metal). Read books (Tolkien, Dante, king etc ...) and Video Games (old DooM, Warcraft 2, Starcraft 1, Dune 2000 and many others). I made maps for Doom II, for the French Doom Community ( La CFD ) I decided to do some maps for C&C. See you soon.
  5. Hello! I am new here. I just finished c&c95 and Red Alert. I will start soon T.S but I started to make a small map for 1vs1. This is my first attempt, I never made a map for C&C. I use Xcc editor. I have not yet understood everything about this Editor but I will find some tutorials on the net. This map is made to welcome two players. One to the north and one to the south. Each has a tieberium field near their bases. And a bit of tiberium on the map. I like the detailed maps but I do not know if it will not interfere with the gameplay. Here is an image of the map for now. Sorry for my english, google translation is my friend. https://ibb.co/dK5jrv1
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