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  1. This is awesome, especially adding mod maps like Rekool. It'd be great to add other popular mod maps like RedZone Recon Error Fix 3v3 (though it still does a lot of reconnection errors so should be called something else lol) as that is another popular map people keep editing. Great work by all involved. Thanks.
  2. 8. Solution. www.modenc.renegadeprojects.com/CanApproachTarget
  3. I think I avoided the aircraft is a aircraft problem by instantiatIng a aircraft but then declaring it again and overriding the image, locomotor, etc to what I want. Not sure how stable it is or why it works but although so far so good (but I have no idea how to debug or load test a map, so maybe it will cause a issue later; most of my testing is done like in these videos of other units I did a few days ago https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCdJPNHFHbvr79V4__IT2Zig/videos (forgive the poor quality, I have to use better recording settings, these are quick excerpts for my reference)). My theory was like declaring a airburst or shrapnel weapon on a dummy object (eg XCOMET) etc, if the first object is a correct aircraft the game would load, there after declaring the object again but changing locomotor and not using certain keys like fighter=yes would work (assumed ini file was read sequentially and each [SOMESECTION] listing read/loaded at a time). Anyway it works, but a new issue is the build queue behaviour is not intuitive (behaviour is correct, but who can remember to move jumpjet AircraftType off the pad to continue the build queue, especially when infantry and vehicle build queues are click and forget). Hence my thoughts are better way is to build a 0x0 building giving a free unit, then killing the building (but not sure how to delay killing the building so unit has enough time to spawn and launch e.g. https://ppmforums.com/topic-45889/remove-0x0-after-some-amount-of-time/ doesn't work for me because I don't know how to delay self destruct and my buildings die immediately) so will try that next. P.S. I already looked at your amazing gigamod map (which is one of the best map mods I've seen) for inspiration, but realised it is based on triggers and set waypoints, which is something I want to avoid to a) allow for maps where players can build anywhere (eg a airport anywhere), and have units appear correctly at the location, b) avoid triggers etc to make files easier to edit for more casual new modders like me, and c) I vaguely recall reading to avoid triggers on very intensive maps (1000+ units alive) to reduce recon and IE errors etc. Finally, If anyone knows of a working code listing or tutorials of how to... 1. build a building, that self destructs after giving it's free unit (delay the self destruct) 2. how to build not-aircrafts via the AircraftTypes queue. ...that would be really super helpful. Thanks. 😁
  4. Regrading mindlines I think you can set an empty line colour in art.ini. if you work out, do post the answer. 1. DistributedFire is probably best and easiest way. Not 1-to-1 but better than before. 2. In warhead avoid miners by doing... Verses=x%,x%,x%,x%,0%,x%,x%,x%,x%,x% x% 3. Could try changing the projectile to AA=yes so targets air units too. Not sure if it will work though. 4. Try SelfHeal=yes or make them ClickRepairable=yes (I think it may work as if garrisoned then it belongs to you, so click repair may work, try it). 5. Has to be pre placed on map. If you don't want it to undeploy into a MCV then you must clone the building (so it is a new building, which looks and behaves exactly like old one). 6. Can't. Loading is single file I think. 7. Give the weapon and warhead a lot of damage e.g. 2000+ to destroy a con yard. 8. There is a key that stops eg IFV chasing aircraft, I think it is something like GuardRange=x with DefaultToGuardArea=yes or similar. I think the behaviour is set for the Primary weapon only. So, you can set the Primary to target AG (so will hit and chase) and Secondary for AA (so will hit but not chase). There is another key that returns a unit to its previous place (or maybe it's GuardRange or GuardArea or something that does it, I forgot). But in summary is is possible. Seen people use it to stop IFV running across map trying to shoot a plane, and hence getting killed by tanks because it's attack is still focused on plane (I think CanRetaliate=yes fixes that issue too). Anyway hope it helps. 😁
  5. So, this is a long shot question for map makers, does anyone know the best way to build a vehicle (e.g. a new tank or helicopter such as [NEWHELI]) using the AircraftTypes build queue (e.g. listed as [AircraftTypes].[NEWHELI]) without using the fly locomotor? The reason to do this is to be able to constantly train new units from that queue too which are not restricted to being airportbound/pad aircraft, such as a jumpjet helicopter or even a tank. This would be great for maps like Rekool or RedZone where building Infantry and Tanks non-stop is a must. Hence players could also keep training a third queue too which are not just grounded planes. So far I can make the units build in AircraftTypes queue without a build limit (PadAircraft=x restricts the quantity to available pads), but have to manually move each unit off the pad before they work properly, and that is tedious; it is exactly the same thing as how Kirov is spawned in a warfactory on the ground, and only rises up once it starts to move out of the factory (it is this moving to the factory exit-coordinate/rally-point that initialises the jumpjet logic, but airports don't have rally-point or exit-coord and so the player must manually move the unit off else the build queue is stops and is "On Hold" because there is no space for the next unit until the previous one is moved off). I think I recall seeing some McPwny maps use the [AircraftTypes] to make buildings so think making units reliably is possible. Lastly regarding the locomotor, you can instantiate a unit with the fly locomotor and then override it to a jumpjet locomotor to avoid IE issues, but as written the jumpjet won't rise until moved. Thanks. Hoping someone more experienced has some insight. I've only just started modding. 😁
  6. Easiest way to remove mind line is set it to 0 or 1 (-1 is infinite). Also, looking at this there is a way to permanently mind control too with LimboLaunch/Thief, but you'll have to hunt through the rules yourself to find the logic, but it looks like it does exist. Hope it helps. 😁 [MINDANIM];gs played on Mind controlled fellows LoopCount=-1 Rate=300 [MINDANIMR];gs played on permanently Mind controlled fellows LoopCount=-1 Rate=300
  7. Set up your pips. https://www.modenc.renegadeprojects.com/Pip
  8. 1. The initial virus weapon and warhead belongs to the player, and so AffectsAllies=no, will be respected. The gas cloud is a particle spawned via the animation in art.ini, and hence (I think) is not player owned and so will damage everyone even if you edit VirusCloud1/VirusGas in rules.ini not to affect allies. I could be wrong, so maybe try testing it, but I recall I made a gas carpet bomber in a map and had that problem, so, I made a new weapon that looks like gas clouds, but are not, to avoid the issue. 2. MindControl=yes in warhead always draws the line. Without editing art.ini don't think it can be removed. 3. You can't. Cloning=yes on a building will clone any infantry made. 4. You have to give Russia a building with Factory=AircraftType, to produce planes. If want the planes to be like Allies and return to the building, then the plane needs Dock=YOURBUILDING. The planes will appear to enter/leave the building (and be hidden when not in use). If you want them visible, the building needs a bib (a place it can land on top of the building voxel without being hidden), hence, best thing to do edit GAAIRC so Russia can build it too. Lastly, if you want to restrict the number of planes you can build to the number of bibs/pads available, then add the plane to the PadAircraft=x list. Or simple language do... [GAAIRC] Prerequisite=GAREFN,GACNST ;Allies PrerequisiteOverride=NAREN ;Soviets Owner=British,French,Germans,Americans,Alliance,Russians ;RequiredHouses=British,French,Germans,Americans,Alliance,Russians ;May work without this, I forgot. To give a paratrooper drop, use tag SuperWeapon=ParaDropSpecial. To make it only for Russia, you have to make a new building (e.g. clone GAAIRC) else Allies will all get it too. 5. Yes. Use Ammo=1 ROF=0 on both weapons, and Reload=x ammo reload logic as the new ROF delay (the unit will fire primary then secondary with 0 delay, and then wait x frames until the ammo is reloaded before firing again). But it could also fire Primary/Secondary twice, so a better way to do is is use Gatling logic to cycle Weapon1 then Weapon2 and use reload as delay. Now unit will wait between shots in cases of 2x Ground target and fire both immediately in cases of Ground+Air target. 6. Never tried it, but an alternative that works for vehicles is to use the LimboLaunch/Thief and VehicleThief logic to permanently parasite/enter a vehicle and then control it (in fact you could do this to answer your question 2 and mind control without the line too, and even create a spawned aircraft to do this if you want to keep your main unit around for a better UI experience).
  9. Cameo=xxx is a art.ini NOT rules.ini tag. 1. Look in art.ini for the Cameo you want. As McPwny said, mod mappers cannot edit art.ini, hence we must use what's already there. 2. [BEAG] Image=HTNK will give black eagle cameo but a rhino voxel. [HTNK] Image=BEAG will give rhino cameo but a black eagle voxel. [NEWTANK] Image=HTNK will give rhino tank cameo and rhino voxel. [NEWTANK] Image=BEAG will give black eagle cameo and black eagle voxel. [NEWTANK] Image=PDPLANE will give a orcabomber cameo (in wrong palette so will look corrupted), and a paradrop plane voxel. You are limited to to the cameo available in art.ini, hence why, like McPwny said, if cncnet put a few dummy entries in art.ini and added some cameos (eg even coloured squares with A..Z or 1..9 would allow for a few extra mod units to each have a distinctive individual cameo for GUI reasons, albeit not of the actual mod unit they made, with little effort and resources (but then one could say why not add a few extra projectiles with trailers, or a library of spare SHP/VXL too etc, so where does it stop lol)), people could make mod maps less confusing. 😁
  10. AFAIK the cameo is based on the art.ini entry in this order of precedence... 1. The technotypes [NAME].Cameo=xyz entry, if it exists ...or... 2. The technotypes (Image=[NAME]).Cameo=xyz, if it exists ...or... 3. The red missing cameo. So, for example, if you make a new tank unit using the [BEAG] entry but Image=HTNK, you will get the Black Eagle cameo (regardless of the Image=xyz used). If you make a new tank unit using your own entry [NEWTANK] (don't for get to add to relevant unit list) with Image=HTNK, you will get the Rhino Tank cameo. There are several unused [NAME] entries in art.ini with a Cameo=x that can be used. This way, you can have a few new units with distinctive cameos, for easier recognition in game and hence a better UI experience, rather than having all with red missing cameo icons which can get confusing especially if new construction options become available. Lastly, the cameos for some things are in the wrong palette (e.g. HIND) hence why they look corrupted in game (they are still in Tiberiun Sun etc, not Yuri Revenge palettes). 😃
  11. It's okay, I figured it out. I made a particle system that will spawn a mummy (civilian house) and convert it (to be player house) in one weapon. I'll post the full code later. In summary it uses GENDEATH to create an infantry, and infDeath=9 to convert it. It basically allows people to make weapons that can spawn mummy units (which can convert enemy into mummy too). Great for zombie maps. Not sure how to make animated gifs, but will post up the code later. Thanks.
  12. Bobble


    A lot of people leave survival maps if they don't understand or know what to do with modded units, and so can't be bothered to learn things (MISSING maps is a good example of so much stuff going on in e.g. super units that can go in ifv/prisms/mirage/etc (for cowshots etc) that can then go in super tanks). People like to use what they know, how they know, hence why they still playing a 20 year old game. :-)
  13. It's a lot of work for a little played map. Crashes generally happened when a lot was happening on screen. I think I saved the log files but have no idea what the error codes mean. As you seem really familiar with particle systems, maybe I could ask you a question... I want to make a mummy spawning weapon but am having trouble converting ownership of spawns in one weapon. Currently I use.. Secondary=(WH with AnimList=GENDEATH) ;to create a CIVILIAN Brute from nothing. DeathWeapon=(WH with InfDeath=9) ;to kill the CIVILIAN Brute so it respawns as a PLAYER Brute). This works fine, but I was thinking maybe to use a Gas particle system (gas particles can do damage and have their own WH). I got it going but can't figure out how to delay the damage from the gas. When an infantry fires the weapon, the weapon WH creates a Brute and launches the gas system, this spawns a gas particle which does damage but for whatever reason it won't work as I think the GENDEATH animation from the weapon WH has not finished yet. I'm not sure how to post code here (will try later once on PC) , but basically I'd like to know how to make one weapon with 2 stages of damage. Using an airburst weapon didn't work either (and it also creates 9 clusters as a default). Do you know any tutorials of how to setup particle systems? This post is roughly what I am doing (ignore art.ini stuff, the core concept works for RA2YR mod maps too). Thanks. https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=30695&highlight=random+damage+spawn
  14. Bobble

    Lightning Gun

    These lightning guns are visually nice and definitely different. But, heavy use of particle systems often cause unstable games online leading to recon errors when you build many units e.g. RedZone and Rekool and survival maps where people spam hundreds of units. But great work. Regarding zombies use[MUMY] or add Image=MUMY to infantry type for the visual, InfDeath=9 on the warhead to mutate infantry killed into a MUMY, AnimToInfantry=MUMY so InfDeath=9 spawns the MUMY *IF* it kills an infantry unit, and the magic missing bit to create spawns from nothing... AnimList=GENDEATH on a warhead to make on every warhead detonation, or DebrisAnims=GENDEATH,... and/or Explosion=GENDEATH,... to create a new spawn from a debris or explosion e.g. from a killed tank (be careful near buildings as spawns can happen on a occupied tile and hence get stuck on the last animation frame, until the tile is freed by destroying the building, leading to game instability as it is apparently a known cause of memory leak). I used this in a "heroes" map I am making (each country gets BuildLimit=-1 hero unit so they can only ever make 1 of that hero during the game) to make a MUMY super infantry which spawns clones ([CIV1].Image=MUMY, they in turn can infect others using InfDeath=9) when it kills vehicles too, not just infantry. To change the ownership, you must kill the created spawn so it respawns as your own troop (I like to leave some neutral so they attack all players because zombie apocalypse has no rules). Best way to do this is Warhead.CellSpread with Warhead.Verses=500%,500%,500%,0%,0%,0%,0%,0%,0%,500%,500% so that you can use a low damage (only ~140 is needed to kill most infantry even when elite) to kill INFANTRY only (else too OP) and still create a spawn and other random debris/anims too (anims list is tiered so least damage anims are played first). To do this with one weapon needs Gatling logic, Weapon1 creates the NEUTRAL spawns and Weapon2 converts the spawns (kills them so they respawn as your troops, but happens fast and looks like one anim), or airburst logic where again the first weapon creates the second converts (unless you don't mind creating them from a long range because neutral spawns will attack your enemy too, so can even avoid recreating if in multi-player if weapon has long range). Lastly, you can also use the VIRUSD animation to create spawns using InfDeath=8, which I believe can be something different i.e. not MUMY/CIV1 in my case, but e.g. [CIV2], which I plane to make a slightly different mummy (CIV1 will be slow but strong, CIV2 will be fast but weak), but I've not got that far as I just started replaying this game recently and modding during spare time while corona isolation is in effect in my country, so if anyone knows the answer to using InfDeath=8 let me know. Thanks all.
  15. Hey, I actually made an account to say that's an amazing map you made, especially how well the coding is though many times I played it game would crash or IE but still much better than e.g. "MISSING" maps which crash a lot). Thanks!
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