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  1. But in specifics, how will i make a change house attached to a specific spawn point, like in the map im making right now? Is it as simple as it can be?
  2. I wonder, what sort of scripting or map.ini must i have in order for all players (human/AI) to construct their buildings/units really fast/instantaneously? (kinda like those REKOOL maps and some Alpaca maps) I always enjoy those fun mod maps and watching AI duke it out as they just instantly build up and start the fight ASAP. If theres any way i can manage to make a map with that sort of coding, i'll be thankful for your support.
  3. Where should i put the campaign maps? In the maps/custom? Will they have all the cutscenes and other stuff? How would i be able to access them if they are able to work?
  4. The Open GL crashes on launch and so does the XNA version, also since it tells me im running from a writer-protected area, should i move the EA games folder that everything's stored in (without risk of having to reinstall TheFirstDecade)?
  5. It still doesn't work, i have no idea whats wrong with the client. But i still have a hunch the Battle.ini is whats causing this issue, if not, maybe the button.wav file is in the wrong place and i have yet to find it's actual directory. If anyone does have a copy of Battle.INI on hand, do send it to me. My YR game did crash, not the client, whilst i was busy playing on a custom map it always happens when i play a game too long, its seemingly random and i don't think it was the map's fault.
  6. Im trying to start up the client but it freezes up and i decided to look into the Client log file to see if anything is wrong. It spits out this every time. client.log I have checked the files and "battle.ini" is nowhere to be found in my INI folder, i didn't delete it, and the client was running just fine like yesterday. Plus it's spitting out "AssetLoader.LoadSound: Sound not found! MainMenu\button.wav" like 10 or so times, the file it's looking for is in the correct place, at least i think, i have no idea whats happening. My mods aren't afflicting in any way. So whats the deal here, is my client not loading to the mainmenu due to it missing battle.ini or is it failing to load due to some update mishaps or something else? Im really concerned the thing may never work again, i've uninstalled and reinstalled the client, TWICE and the same problem occurs, turned off my machine, it occurs, even a repair-job of the RA2:YR copy on TheFirstDecade made it still happen. Please, i want to play my beloved RTS again and i hope to get this problem fixed!
  7. I just want to have a quick shout-out to this community to say, thanks for bring my childhood back, now on Windows 10! I remembered when i was young that when i came hoe from grade school every day to play Command and Conquer RA2 and YR too and iut was an enthrawling experiece to play such an awesome game, although i never played online with other (im more used to fighting AI anyways, kinda scared what other players would do, which is why you'll notice the contents of this rulesmd ini file are a bit extra.) Ever since i discovered an advanced AI mod (which allowed AI to land naval transports on your base, making island/continent based maps so much more fun and less one-sided), i'd had as much fun adapting to the way the Ai now fights me and i enjoy how aggressive it can be at times. much more powerful than the vanilla version of the file. I've also had an affinity for the color of neutrality, white. Ever since playing around with a glitch in the game that involves killing off a faction and having said faction units stay under my command, i'd release them and they turn that the team color that was once their and mind, transforms into that mesmerizing shade of white they all wear. And they are really aggressive too, neutral tech buildings that haven't been captured benefit them in anyway possible, and makes them insanely powerful and unstoppable threat to everyone near them. Which is why in the "colors" section of the INi file, you'll see a modified list of colors and values, another mod i have decided to merge within the AI mod's rulesmd file. My question is, after all my semantics, is that, how can i get the team colors to work properly when i launch the cnc game client and get a skirmish match going? (since my copy of TheFirstDecade's YR/RA2 won't luanch normally on Win10). The AI mod works absolutely fine in Skirmish battles to my relief, but, i always wanted to become those Ivory Specters (what i call any neutral white military unit) that i was so fond of as when i was playing on an old computer i used to own. How do i find a fix for this, and if so, thank you very much! The Ivory Specters must raise a white flag... of war! rulesmd.ini
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