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  1. I'm thinking maybe the bridge is too long cause the bridge section associated with the other bridge is slightly shorter but repairs just fine and breaks apart without floating too. I'll try adding another section to the bridge.
  2. Thanks! Also, I have a situation with bridges. Its kind of floating in midair after both ends were destroyed. How do I fix that? Also, are the bridge repair huts associated to the bridges that are near them or does it need to be programmed in? In this shot, the repair huts are just off-screen.
  3. I think I saw you video about waypoints and sounds. How do I add those tools to my version of the editor? I think I have an older version.
  4. ah so the brown temperate colored houses are not actually accessible for Temperate then. What about the Mini Mall? Is it exclusive to snow and "NewUrban"? Just guessing since NewUrban presumably refers to the theater featured in the Yuri's Revenge LA mission.
  5. How do I add the trigger and waypoint features? I might be using an older version of the editor cause those features just aren't present.
  6. So I've been having tons of fun with the editors but, I'm having a bit of a predicament when it comes to actually viewing the maps in-game. In Final Alert, there's the Mini Mall buildings (the little strip mall outlets). They appear in the editor and are even featured in the Los Angeles mission of YR (still trying to get the base games running but that's another story for another day) but, when I'm in skirmish, they appear invisible with only health bars (and still garrison-able). And in Final Sun, all of the middle class houses/buildings (the ones that were from the snow theme and made available for the temperate theme) all appear invisible when playing the game. Does anyone know how I can fix this?
  7. How do I get the audio scripts to appear? I saw the video about adding sounds but, I don't have those options in my version of Final Alert 2
  8. I know I'm a whole year late to this post but, I was wondering the same thing. Do I just change the .yrm to .map? Edit: Got it to work. It only crashed the first time but worked afterward.
  9. I'm new to these forums but, I just played my first match and won because the bot sold its whole base. Is this just happening to me?
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