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  1. Hello folks. I am a relatively new member here who is mainly an RA2/YR player. However, I also like playing TS and after reading about Veterancy Patch, I have 2 questions. I have read that this patch is meant to rebalance the game (making Nod more competitive and making less used units more useful) and also has more RA2 style unit promotion buffs. So is this like the YR Rebalance Patch where there are only changes to existing units, or are there new units as well? Where can I get the latest version of the patch and keep up with the updates to the patch. I found maps of version 1.6 dated around 2017 but no standalone .ini file or even a changelog list anywhere. Where can I get the changelog and the standalone .ini file of the latest version of this.
  2. Is there any better place where I can put more bug reports. Because I have more bugs/issues to report and this time for the Ant Aftermath missions (i have played only 3 missions so far of this campaign and I and really disappointed with it) The first mission is unwinnable since after I recover the base and repair the power plants, nothing happens. There are no enemies in the entire map and I can't win the map In the second map, I got zerg rushed by ants, my base was completely destroyed before the soviet informant got out. The only reason I beat that mission is because I had some stealth units (stealth artilleries) that survived and when I got control of the informant, I just took him to the transport. Basically, I never even needed to build anything and just let my stealth units sit in place. In the 3rd map, I get zerg rushed by Soviets. Apart from the fact that they just keep sending absurd amount of enemies before I even build my WF, their Tesla Tanks and shock troopers are also wayyy too durable here (much more than vanilla) and our gun turrets are also bugged (gun turrets don't fire at all) I will try 4th and 5th missions as well, but this has been the worst campaign so far. EDIT: I also forgot to mention about the "Training missions" campaign. In most of the missions of this campaign, my miner would not automatically collect ore when I place refinery and they would also sometimes get stuck ore ore fields
  3. Hello guys. Sorry for the bump, but I had just started going through this compilation a few days ago. I have completed Bask185 missions and Personal War missions. I have noticed some bugs (especially in Bask missions) where if you have to transport/evacuate the critical unit inside a chinook. If you messed with the chinook by moving it, then you can't win the mission. And also in Bask's Allied campaign 2nd mission (the commando mission with tanya), after the radar is infiltrated, the fleet comes but it gets stuck at a certain point and I can't win the mission. Also another bug I noticed is what AMD mentioned two comments above mine. The scroll speed is too fast when using the ra95_SP.exe I will play more missions and see if there are more bugs I can find.
  4. @FunkyFr3sh Hi Funky. Can you port the 2nd part (set 2) of the flame dancers campaign
  5. Here is the thing though: 1. Almost all pro games and QM games are played with SWs ON. 2. Picking non-Iraq Soviet is like picking Germany as Allied. Granted, this means that other Soviet country units need buffs. But the fact is, no one picks them because Iraq is just much better, just like how no one picks Germany because America is much better. 3. Allied as stronger than Soviets on pure naval maps. But 90% maps are non-naval maps.
  6. Finally someone who actually knows what he is talking about. Although there is one area where I slightly disagree about France not being taken seriously. France actually is used by pro players for map control. France is "arguably" the best Allied faction against Yuri (arguable because it depends on maps. Its either America or France against Yuri).
  7. Well you got me here. I just checked it again now and there is a 45 fps option. I just keep it at the default 60 fps, but I could have sworn the last time I ever checked it there wasn't a 45 fps option. Cool to see that extra option added.
  8. You guys say that, yet I bet those guys would easily beat you if you play against them, irrespective of which factions are chosen. Those guys are pros, not rekool noobs. (unless you guys prove it to me by coming up with a better strategy and applying it against Yuri pros)
  9. Also that tourney also shows why this suggestion is terrible. Robot tanks are "actually" very useful for Allied when facing Yuri. Allied needs robot tanks to defend against early Magnetrons+Lashers before an Allied player get a battle lab. Their only main problem is that the entire robot army become useless when discs or SWs get involved because a single power outage means that they become defenseless. Thus, not going offline is a very good buff for them. In SW off, they become more useful precisely because there is no SW and thus less fear of power outage. Seriously, robot tanks are actually much more useful than BFs or even prism tanks against Yuri.
  10. I know I said before (in the other thread) that I am done with the convo. But I feel like I have to just answer one last time for this comment. No I have not. Firstly, there is no 45 fps option in the game (I am not sure if something like this existed in XWIS, but both original WW and CNCNET versions don't have it). It is either 60 fps (Faster speed) or 30 fps (Fast speed) being the next lower option. The only reason those 40-45 fps games can exist now is if there is shit ton of lag and/or computers having shit specs (and really, why should we go back to those dark times of lag??) Now, I don't doubt that it would make things easier for Allied, but so does Yuri benefit from it. For Yuri, it becomes much more easier to juggle enemy tanks with magnetrons or micro discs to avoid damage. Not to mention that dodging planes also becomes easier. Soviets get least benefit from lower fps because they are the least micro intensive faction. So I doubt AvY would suddenly become balanced. Ask pretty much any number of pro players (here, discord, youtube etc.) and most will tell you why and how AvY is imbalanced. If you think discord is full of noobs (which it really isn't, there are plenty of pro players there, both modern era and from xwis era), then you can at least spare some time and watch the matches (even though I am sure that you are so stubborn that you aren't going to watch it) These are matches from Allied vs Yuri tourny that took place recently where all matches were played in a way where 1 player plays as Allied and the other as Yuri and after each round, they switch sides. Since pretty much all pros agree that Allied vs Yuri is imbalanced with SWs on, this tourney was organized to see how Allied fares against Yuri when SWs are off. Even with SWs off and with Allied favored map pool of QM (big open maps hurt Yuri), Yuri still came out as the stronger faction Yuri had 29 wins vs Allied having 21 wins.
  11. And.... this is where I am gonna end this conversation. Have a good day sir.
  12. BFs are useless against Yuri. If you want to deal with floating discs, GGI IFVs are better for that purpose. Also No, Yuri if managed well is the strongest. Watch a pro Yuri player like Gaoke (YG-GAOKE on QM) and you will see what is possible. Watch their mag control or who they abuse the grinding + masterminds against Soviet to gain both eco and map control. No pro player plays with Superweapons OFF. Every one plays with them ON. Soviet vs Yuri is especially terrible without IC. Soviets pretty much need IC against Yuri. Although with that being said, Burg and co have been considering to make SW OFF for AvY matchup because it makes that matchup more balanced. Because with SW ON, Yuri simply Ironically, the only area where Allies are truly OP are against AI (because AI can be spied and is too stupid to detect mirage tanks) or on noob maps with no SW + infinite cash, where they can spam Prism tanks and BFs to no end. Like those Rekool maps. That, or the Oils in Centre and Corner map (assuming France is used and the map version has no Grand Cannon limitation)
  13. Go the YR discord server (where most pros reside) and you guys will see how many pros agree with you. Yuri has far better lategame than Allied and Soviet.. by a good margin (especially if you know how to play Yuri). Discord server invite: https://discord.gg/MDePmm6ZP3
  14. I don't think so. Its true that there are noobs there as well. But the top 30-ish players are pretty much all pro players. And even there, you will find that most of them use Soviets. On RA2 month, you will manage to find some Allied players there on top 30 (although Soviets still dominate). But on YR month, the situation is much much worse for Allied. Because of how imbalanced AvY is, even many people who would otherwise play Allied in RA2 tend to play as Soviet or Yuri in YR month. In fact, the Chinese prodigy Wudi (on QM, he is StrategyMST or idealist), who had been beating every one on in RA2 month of June as both Soviet and Allied, stated that he won't play as Allied in YR QM because of how imbalanced AvY. He actually decided to stick to Soviets for YR month so he could secure Rank 1. And all of this is with the maps in QM being very non-Yuri favoured. QM maps have big open layouts which hurt Yuri the most because Yuri has the slowest units. On Westwood maps, things are worse because Allied/Soviet can't use their speed advantage against Yuri.
  15. I don't though. I only want to see the 3 factions being roughly equal in terms of how they perform at high level. Right now, in May's QM, I see that AvY is the worst balanced matchup according to stats (with Yuri getting 70% wins in AvY). In SvA, Soviets got 58% wins against Allied. And in SvY, Yuri got 58% wins against Soviets. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Dq9DutM38EeYh1ABDBQgSfajF2FPL0g8CUi_mc77DeY/edit And this is with the QM maps that tend to have big open layouts to nerf Yuri and also Allies get some buffs in QM like faster powerplant (0.75 build speed). Even though I am mainly a Soviet player, yet I absolutely hate the SvS mirrors. I like more people use the less player countries like Germany, GB, Russia, Cuba etc. And less mirror matchups You should definitely give it a watch. It really show what is used and what isn't used in the meta. Also, nope I don't use rocketeers even against bots (and I don't even play against AI much nowadays). I just use IFVs for AA and Prism+BFs against them.
  16. @XGalaxyZ This reply tells me you don't really play or even watch any pro games (that ok, I am not a pro either, but I have watched many pro games). Regarding flaks. You are right the flaks are "meant" to handle swarms or rocketeers. The problem in vanilla RA2/YR is that flak is much more effective even against single targets as compared to Allied AA. You don't even need rocketeers to scout, when you have already scouted with dogs. Also flak cannons are very rarely used when flak track are more cost effective and mobile GI IFVs are very effective against Yuri early on (unless Yuri has some Gattling tanks). You can use about 3-5 GI IFVs to take out the Yuri's power plant or radar to slow down Yuri. Again. Rocketeers work well against noobs, but against skilled players (especially if it is Yuri) they are mostly a waste of cash For some Allied vs Yuri pro games: https://www.twitch.tv/mj_vst (watch the Allied op tourney matches in the twitch channel to see what units are used by pro players) Example match: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1109317903?filter=all&sort=time
  17. Nobody said they are. Rocketeers are only powerful in AvA. They are almost (not quite, but almost) useless against Soviets and Yuri. The real players rarely ever use rocketeers AT ALL. Because their only real use is to force a soviet to make 1 or 2 flaks to slow down their Rhino spam. Against Yuri, the rocketeers are even more useless since Yuri players tend to use gattling tanks fairly often for the Gattling+magnetron combo. Against Yuri, you are better off making GI IFVs initially to pressure Yuri, and use robot tanks to fight his magnetron+lashers until you get mirage tanks. Good luck even getting them to vet/elite against decent/pro players in the first place.
  18. Rocketeers are extremely cost inefficient against Soviets and Yuri. I single flak track or gattling tank can easily kill 8-10 Rocketeers. They are only good in AvA because Allies have bad anti-air. The reason I suggested the change of armor (from none to flak) is because that makes Rocketeers better against Soviets/Yuri without affecting AvA at all. The reason why AvA is unaffected is because all Allied AA units do same damage to none and flak armor. So this change literally has no impact at all in AvA.
  19. I am not Burg, Kireeek or Mustache, but I assume Yuri clones are made to not shoot because the Yuri BFs are a pain to deal with in casual team games. I could be wrong here. The problem is that it is impossible to give Yuri clone have something like GI or Initiate weapon in BF without actually giving them the same weapon outside a BF as well. Can you please stop spreading this misinformation. Allies have always been the underpowered faction. Especially against Yuri. In fact there is a Yuri vs Allied tournament going on which acts as an experiment to see if the Allies are balanced against Yuri without SWs (With SWs, Allied get rekt by Yuri and you can ask pro-players). And so far, even without SWs, Allied are not looking so hot after the Burg vs LeOwNzAll match. (Allied faction having 1 win vs Yuri faction having 5 wins atm) Twitch Stream of Burg vs LeOwNzAll. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1082534183 B.S. First of all, they don't outrange everything. Magnetrons (range 12 for the MagneticBeam weapon) have same range as Elite Psi commando inside BF (Elite Psi has range 10 + 2 range bonus from BF = 12) Secondly, do you realize what it takes to get those? You need to infiltrate a Yuri Battle Lab and then somehow get the Psi commando to elite status before using it for BF. Good luck doing all that against even a semi decent Yuri player (let alone a pro player). Meanwhile, Yuri just needs to spam Magnetrons, Gatlings and MMs to deal with that. More B.S. It's true that their "basic" (and the only in case of Allied) power plant provides more power for same cost now. But Yuri's power plant is still better as you can fill infantry in it and then Yuri's power becomes more efficient And Soviets? They have the Nuclear Power Plant which gives TEN TIMES as much power as the Allied power plant for less than twice the cost of an Allied pp.
  20. If Ares has better anti-cheat, then I am all in for adding it in cncnet.
  21. Agreed with this. In a well balanced RTS, all factions are fairly even at all stages of the game. With one faction being stronger in early game and other being stronger in late game, you end up in a situation where one faction dominates on smaller maps (usually one with the better early game) and the other dominates on larger maps. Also funny thing about Allied vs Soviet is that if SWs are enabled, Soviets are slightly stronger than Allied even in late game because of how OP the IC. Hence why I nerfed the IC time from 5 min to 6 min. I actually thought about this at one point by nerfing Rhino HP from 400 to 380 (thus allowing Grizzlies/Lashers to kill them in one less shot). But ultimately, I decided not to nerf Rhinos. Why? Because of Yuri. They are crucial against Yuri because no matter how much I buff Apocs, they would still suck against Yuri (outside of doing something controversial like giving them mind control immunity). Siege Choppers are also very situational and dependent on terrain (they shine on maps with many cliffs while are a waste of cash on plain maps).
  22. Firstly, I am not trying to play Allies in Soviet style. I only increased the range of Grizzlies. With my modification, Rhinos still beat Grizzlies cost to cost (7 Rhinos with cost of 6300 will still beat 9 Grizziles). I buffed Rocketeer armor to slow the early game Rhino spam and allow Rocketeers to harass more effectively. If I was playing Allied in Soviet style, I wouldn't have buffed Rocketeers and instead just buffed Grizziles even more to make them equal cost for cost. Secondly, GGI IFV is usually not worth it against Rhinos for the amount of micro required. GGI IFV are only really useful against Yuri (when dealing with Floating Disc)
  23. I partially disagree with not putting a dent in the core balance. It's true that Soviets are still a bit strong in early game and the Allied vs Yuri is still imbalanced. But I have noticed some Allied players doing really well in the ladder. StrategyMST (the current 1st ranked player in the ladder as of this date) has been lately using America as his main faction. The power plant change cost reduction is probably the biggest improvement as it allows Allies to reach War Factory, Rader, Battle Lab at the same time as Soviets and Yuri while also saving resources. Tank Destroyers are actually pretty good now in YRR (a fair bit better than Grizzles when dealing with Rhino spam) and they are also pretty decent in late game when combined with prism tanks. Well, actually I had been working on a private custom balance mod where apart from all the changes present in YRR, I also added some more changes like I gave Grizzlies range of 5.75 (same as Rhinos). This brings Grizzlies a bit closer to Rhino level while still keeping Rhinos slightly better. I also changed Rocketeer armor from none to flak, which means that no longer a dozen Rocketeers would get annihilated by a single flak track and Soviets would have to invest slightly more in AA. I feel that these changes make Allies pretty much almost on par with Soviets in early game. Another change I did is bringing IC and Chronosphere balance closer. Chronosphere and IC have same timer in my mod (6 minutes in game) instead of 7 mins for Chrono and 5 mins for IC. Also I increased cost of Nuclear Power Plant from 1000 to 1500 so that Allied and Soviet reach their respective SWs at roughly the same time. These changes I feel balance the SW late game very well. As for Allied vs Yuri, I increased Robot Tanks health from 180 to 200 (just enough to allow them to survive 1 more hit from Lashers) and also reduced Gattling Tank health from 210 to 200 (allows Black Eagles to 1-shot them and mirage tanks to 2-shot them). Also I have kept Lasher's range at 5.0 which means that Grizzlies have a range advantage over them. These changes probably won't make Allied vs Yuri completely balanced, but I feel that they would really help improve balance without disrupting the core feel of the game. There are some more changes in it but I haven't listed all of them. If you want, I can post the current version of my balance mod (along with the changes) here.
  24. Another suggestion and this time regarding the Rocketeers. Rocketeers are fairly strong in AvA, okayish in AvY and pretty weak in AvS. The suggestion is to change Rocketeer armor from none to flak. This change in armor makes zero difference in AvA (as all Allied AA weapon warheads deal equal damage to none and flak armor), a slight difference in AvY and makes the most difference in AvS (no longer a single flak track destroying a dozen rocketeer with ease). But even with this change, the Soviet AA is still generally the strongest AA against Rocketeers (only that the difference isn't as huge anymore).
  25. Another suggestion I have is regarding the lack of transport capability of Yuri. Allies have IFVs/Nighthawks and Soviets have Flak Tracks for transporting infantry (especially engineers to distant tech buildings). My suggestion is to have Gattling Tanks be able to have one passenger slot. This would also open up more strategic options for Yuri by having and unloading Yuri clones near enemy forces Although, with that being said, in order to balance things out, I would also suggest to slightly reduce the strength of Gattlings from 210 to 200 and test the Gattling+Yuri combo to see if it isn't too powerful.
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