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  1. Try these steps: Make sure that no other app is open and useless background processes are also closed. If you are using a super high resolution, try lowering it. I have a 1080p monitor but I run the game at 1600x900 resolution. Too high resolution can cause glitches on very small maps. Try using different renderers and see which renderer gives best performance. I personally use DDrawCompat on windows 10 PC but your mileage may vary. To benchmark, I recommend launching a skirmish with you as spectator and multiple hard/mental AIs fighting each other.
  2. As Allies, Battle Fortresses filled with 4 GGIs + 1 Seal (or Sniper if playing as Britain) will beat them. As Yuri, Masterminds and Floating Discs should probably beat them. Discs (with good micro) can kill Desos while avoiding most Apoc's AA fire. Then Masterminds will claim the Apocs as their own.
  3. I understand what you are trying to convey. Soviets have better early game (because of Rhinos being simply better per cost compared to Grizzlies) and to balance it, Allies have better late game (due to BFs and Mirages being more useful than Apocs). But that, in my opinion, is actually a big problem with the balance. This means that on small (1 vs 1) map, Soviets are better as games usually are decided before things go to late game. While Allies are better on very large maps. In a very well balanced game (like in say Starcraft), all factions are roughly even in power at all stages of the game.
  4. I humbly disagree. Tank Destroyers are extremely clunky and they are not really that good at their "Anti-Tank" role either (they can barely beat Rhino Tanks in a head-on battle). Also once Battle Fortresses are available, they become obsolete. Because pretty much anything TDs can do, GGI Battle Fortresses can do better. Bryan Vahey highlighted the problem with TDs in this video
  5. I haven't tested yet but I am really liking most of the changes so far.
  6. Really? Can you provide the dl links to both your's and MustacheX's ini files. I would like to see them. Also I hope that they make weaker countries (like Germany, Russia etc.) better as well. You are right. One needs to understand the meta to create a good balance patch. Which is why i have no intention to post my patch anytime soon. I am understanding the game by watching games of pros and playing online myself (I am nowhere near pro but I have definitely improved my game through watching pro games.)
  7. First of all, I thank you for replying to my threads McPwny. You are pretty much the only person who has replied to them so far 😛 The reason I am making these threads is because I am working on a private balance patch (that I may share on the forums depending on my mood). Now getting back to topic. Really? I always thought that they are useless and flak track are better in almost every way. I was considering a cost reduction (from 300 to 200) or a range+damage increase for their Anti Air weapon. I thought of pretty much the same thing. I was considering buffing their range from 3 to 4.75 or 5. Wow, I didn't knew Ivans are also used. Yeah I was considering a cost decrease from 600 to 500 and also a cost+power decrease for the robot control center. I have a buff list for this unit. The buffs include range increase from 5 to 6.5, damage increase from 150 to 175 and warhead changed so that it can 1-shot Terror Drones and do far more damage to miners. I am out of good ideas on how to buff this unit but I thought about damage/hp increase for them. On second thought, maybe you are right. While they aren't used in 1 vs 1 situation, they can be useful in a team game (*cough* chronoshifted + iron curtained Demo Trucks *cough*)
  8. The units in question are: Flak Troopers Tesla Troopers (other than from charging Tesla Coils) Crazy Ivans Robot Tanks Tank Destroyers Tesla Tanks Terrorists Demolition Trucks If any these units are underpowered, then what would be your suggestion to buff them.
  9. Ask yourself, why do most players in 1 vs 1 match play as Soviets?
  10. Hello @RaVaGe, I noticed a slight discrepancy between what is stated (in both the thread and in the ini file) vs the actual percentage values about the Gatling warhead in "Yuri Rebalance Patch.ini". Statement in question: Set Gattling weapons damage against light armoured vehicles back to default as the 5% reduction made Mirage and Prism tank too difficult to combat in the late game. (v1.31) Actual warhead percentage values in the patch: Verses=80%, 65%, 55%, 90%, 30%, 5%, 10%, 5%, 3%, 125%, 50% Versus warhead percentage values originally (as stated in rulemd.ini/spawner.xdp): Verses=100%, 80%, 70%, 50%, 30%, 10%, 10%, 5%, 3%, 200%, 50% The percentage values imply that gattling weapons are not doing same/default damage to light armoured vehicles as in vanilla. They imply nearly twice as much damage to light armoured vehicles now (90% vs 50%). EDIT: Another small issue I noticed is that there is no "Soylent=800" updating for Chaos Drone. Which means that we can make a Chaos Drone for 800$ and sell/grind it for 1000$ = 200$ profit !!!???
  11. This is true. Rhinos would still beat Grizzlies in larger numbers. However now Grizzlies would at least have a fair game against Rhinos in small amounts. Maybe, but then Rhinos (just like Apocs) would get utterly wrecked by late game Allied units (Battle Fortress, mirage tanks etc.). So I think their speed should stay the same. They are already very slightly slower than Grizzles right now. LOL this made my day. This is one of the main reasons why I am slightly hesitating in making threads like these.
  12. Is Rhino vs Grizzly (or Lasher) situation balanced? If not, then how would you balance this. I personally think that Rhino tanks pretty much outclass Grizzlies(and lashers for that matter) mostly due to their range advantage (5 vs 5.75) and also due to damage advantage per cost (65 damage per shot for 700 cost of Grizzly vs 90 damage per shot for 900 cost of Rhino). And I think this is one of the 2 main reasons why Soviets beat Allies in most pro vs pro games. My personal balance/tweak idea would be to increase the range of Grizzlies/Lashers to match that of Rhinos (from 5 to 5.75) and also increase the damage per shot from 65 to 70.
  13. This is a nice idea. In fact this was one of the things in my mind as well along with a very slight range increase (from 5.75 to 6)
  14. Or maybe @FunkyFr3sh and @Rampastring can coordinate to have the glitch fixes/ anti-cheat features implemented in the DTA client. I am not sure how all this is done for RA2, but I am sure that with enough dedication, the same can be done with TS. RIght now, I use Rampa's client for SP and Funky's client for MP. It would be awesome to have one client for both SP and MP.
  15. Apocalypse Tanks are very powerful in head-to-head combat. Infact, they are probably the most cost efficient among all conventional tanks in the game. However, they are seldom used in competitive MP mostly because they lack the versatility/speed/spamming potential of Rhino Tanks. So my question is: What changes would you do to them that would make them more useful in MP (without making them OP).
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