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  1. what did you change in rules.ini?
  2. uhhh,location? Your Disk:\Your YR Folder\Maps\Yuri's Revenge
  3. maybe you can open the map with note and add [AI] RefineryLimit=4 BarracksLimit=2
  4. this problem had me troubled for weeks too,and i figured this
  5. it requires Passengers=1,PipScale=Passengers,SizeLimit=1 these three codes to make the passenger logic right
  6. maybe you need to put that map into a folder called Custom,The game mode of custom maps is defined in [Basic] GameMode=,which means you need to add a game mode to make it show up,better add an image with greater resolution.
  7. Hi,folks I added a new map to my client,copied the waypoint code in the map to the map setting ini,then i got this,waypoints are messed up. I know how to adjust a wapoint one by one to the right place(the red square),but it's tiring,you know,this is one of those other maps i need to fix.Are there any more efficient ways? Are there tutorials i haven't found yet?
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