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Tiberian Dawn - SandScorpio (single player)


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[move]Operation SandScorpio[/move]

Map 62x62

Desert Theater

Author: Solo


::: StoryLine


   Hallo Commander.

   A recent Med Evac procedure was aborted when our HeliMed took a hit and was forced to land somewhere in Tabarka, Tunisia.

   We discovered then that a lot of those spreaded villages in the Tunisian sands are a disguise for an embrionary network of terrorists camps sponsored by the Nod.




::: Briefing


   ||:::::::::: Point of Conflict: Tabarka, TUNISIA | LAT 37N ::::::::::||##



   ::: Destroy all terrorist training camps

   ::: Eliminate a traitor hiding in one of these camps

   ::: Locate and force-fix a GDI Helimed to extract Delphi before he dies.



   ::: Air cover at your disposal on landing

   ::: Avoid Nod Outpost at SE

   ::: Take out radio operators to prevent jamming and distress calls

   ::: Capture comm-stations to coordinate air raids

   ::: Flarepoint at SW










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Hi Nyerguds,


About the HeliMed:

Yes, I really didn't think about all the possibilities.


But after I discovered this detail that we can use the engineer not only to take over enemy things, I decided to left it there so other players can learn/use it in other missions.

For example, in a Kolhrus mission (quadrophonia, I think):

before: I was waiting a lot of time until the AI build the MCV

now: I just take over a structure there, like a silo.


The Militar thing:

Yes, that's a mistake.

In portuguese we use that way and although the word "military" is everywhere I didn't realize that. I thought something like "military planning" and "militar plan". I'll change as soon as I can.


I didn't answer at cnc-comm, because I'm unable to login there.

This has been happening after I've installed FireFox. I think I'll uninstall it to see if it's gonna be functional again.

I'm having trouble to login in some sites, even using IE or Firefox, after I had installed Firefox.**



Nyerguds posted back via PM:


Ah, okay, thx for letting me know..


And yes, "militar" simply doesn't exist in English. It's always "military"



** using chrome now ...

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  • 4 weeks later...

Chrome FTW. :D


I just finished your mission... it is a bitty tricky. Also i do not see a point in making the Multi-2 Buildings "sellable". And after some time, Nod Units get stuck on the bridge (as always :P). I rather never use bridge in Enemy's base.


It is long too... Nice mission, but i did not get fun playing it  O_o

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If you didn't play the mission, don't read this ...



Chrome FTW. :D

Also i do not see a point in making the Multi-2 Buildings "sellable".

Hi Pichorra,

If you set ALL barracks to health=256 you'll get crazy by the end of the mission. Too much noise and effort to destroy every barrack.

So one option was not allowing them to repair.

The intention was: this is a terrorist camp, so I tried to make all their resources low-tech or in bad conditions, leaving some high tech stuff for Nod.

When they get too weak, the cheater AI sells it to use the resources.

Please note that every camp is a different house. To "enable" radios with an "ENG" war, I put only the HQs in MULTI4, to make it capturable.


Regarding the mission itself: terrorists are always tricky and they are using these fake barracks to lure your A10s and your commando teams. Actually a resource that can be used in missions alike. I know that this sort of thing is common in RA, but I think this is one way to do that in TD.


And after some time, Nod Units get stuck on the bridge (as always :P). I rather never use bridge in Enemy's base.

I'll watch for this in a while, I'll put some "dying" rambos to monitor what is going on.

Thanks for the advice. Maybe it can be changed for a river crossing, I'll take a look.


It is long too... Nice mission, but i did not get fun playing it.

I understand. Some may find it confusing also.

I made the map long ago and due to lack of experience, I made it at maximum size. Later I didn't want to change it.

My next mission is still in the largest size, but it is a diagonal map, so one third of it won't be used (it's the Indic ocean). After, a mission that will be arriving soon called "The Underground base" will have a much smaller map.


I'd like to point out that the style of this innitial phase of mapmaking is focused on tactics. Just a personal choice.


PM later telling what was your strategy, so I can tell you all what was my intentions.

Anyway, thanks for the good tips.

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