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Tiberian Sun Problem, please help?


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I downloaded Tib Sun off a few different websites and managed to get it to start after potching about etc but had a slight problem. After the first mission, for both factions, it presents me with my score of that mission then goes onto the next screen (where you can select your next mission I imagine) but it doesn't appear.


I get the banner at the bottom where things are twisting and turning but the actual map where I can select is so small and doesn't zoom in, and my mouse is gone too


I uninstalled it and downloaded from this site, as it was fully upgraded but the same thing happens, I can't get onto mission 2


I have Vista


Thank you in advance

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Problem is sorted now, thank god! I updated all my sound/graphics/chip drivers and installed the game in program files/EA rather than just on the C drive. Not sure if the latter made any different but doesn't matter! The game runs smoother, the sound is back and the map mission selector works like a dream!


Thanks for your help, can now play this before 3 & 4!



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