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City under attack Co-op [2-3]


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i have developed another survival-esque map which is a hybrid of campaign and survival, combining actual AI and waves of enemies dynamically to provide a new kind of challenge to players.

C0uCHP0T@t0's heavily detailed "City under attack" forms the basis of this map, if you want you can get the original here: https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?p=580597#580597

map suits 2 to 3 players
posted image

feedback is appreciated, but unlikely


city under attack coop.map

Edited by McPwny
made the map preview smaller for easier cncnet transfer
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it looks detailed and well made, but also overloaded....it's like a wimmelpicture, you know? ?

Can't tell anything more than that, I don't play survival maps...thanks for the upload anyways!

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i didnt do the LAT tiling on this one, i just scripted it. its really a mission map for co-op teamplay but with a fast start of enemies in waves before map expand.

just a little something for people who want a good teamplay map; better than the stupidly easy default co-op maps, different from boring literal spams of enemies maps. also no lag.

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