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[4] cXn Arena


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cXn Arena

just in case, dont enable yuri rebalance patch because this one has its own changes in it.


Nothing can pass through the pavement roads

posted image


posted image

Custom Changes

Grand Cannon

Build Limit reduced to 1.

Attack Range reduced -%17

Gap Generator

Build Limit reduced to 1.

Gap radius reduced -%20

Oil Derrick

Will not explode when destroyed

Wont leave rubble when destroyed

Generates 200$ per 15seconds

Ore Purifier (build me if you can)

All sides able to build

Generates 100$ per 6seconds

Resistant Engineers and Spy

Maximum build limit is now 3.

Yuri Prime

Moving speed sightly reduced


Moving speed sightly reduced

Attack range reduced -%25

Yuri Clone

Size increased 5. 

Battle fortresses will able to garrison only single Yuri Clone in it.

Genetic Mutator

Recharge Time increased 2mins. (7 minutes to charge)

Mutating area reduced 


cnx arena1 _nerfed yuri.map







this one has not yuri changes. i didnt touch yuri in it. you may taste 

cnx arena_classic.map





posted image

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