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BloodAndConcrete [4 Player co-op hard]


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ive made another co-op map, which will probably be the last of the maps i make, as i have started college. an old skirmish map called "blood and concrete" forms the basis of this map. if you want, you can get the original here .

this map is for four players, and is pretty intensive. if any of the four players die, its going to be a hell of a lot harder for the remaining players. this is not like your typical lazy "survival" map. its highly detailed, and one of the AI (actual AI) can easily tank two human players. so im pretty happy with it. 

i dont want to make this post too long, but ill mention it starts fast and has several map expands. further instructions will appear on the map image on cncnet 
posted image

EDIT: its been some months and ive had a lot of good matches with others on the map, during this time i noticed a handful of things that i went and refined. this is the refined and final version of the map.


bloodandconcrete co-op.map

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