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C&C95 >>> multiplayer gaming either via hamachi or via kali?


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Today i want to try out a multiplayer game for C&C95 via the kali network. I am already hosting a channel in kali under game lobbies. 6 player game, map will be selected in the LAN lobby of C&C95.


Yesterday i played 2 games via hamachi. The 1st game (1on1) with RA168UK and the 2nd game (1on1) with Killa57. Well... This game with RA168UK was very fast cuz he lives in Europe like me. This game with Killa57 very slow cuz he lives in the USA. I hope i am allowed to say this ... :mrgreen:


What i want to say is:

Creating networks over the world via hamachi can slowdown a game cuz hamachi creates a LAN connection between PCs which are connected in an especially hamachi channel! Kali just does the same, but i/you know that kali is going faster if u play games over a network across the world. Greetings to all Kali: Red Alert gamers!


I try to get some informations about kali, why it is faster than hamachi... or u can try to tell it to me.


What do u prefer? Kali or Hamachi?!


Hamachi is easy to use, no account needed to login to hamachi

Kali: u need an email address to get an account to join kali...




We didnt get C&C95 run with kali... maybe tomorrow - lately on next weekend :<img src='https://forums.cncnet.org/staging/uploads/emoticons/cool.png.6fe1100a0731d6942fa11d2e67b8451f.png' alt='8)'>:



Seems Kali doesnt run C&C95, [u:2cayuqxy]neither[/u:2cayuqxy] with the 1.05a patch or the ccoptions.exe (with and without 6 player lan patch) [u:2cayuqxy]nor[/u:2cayuqxy] with the normally standard 1.04a version....


play a fast 1on1 game with WWCHAT or a multiplayer game via hamachi !!! can be slowly or pretty fast with hamachi... it depends to the connection to each player in the VPN hamachi channel.


btw: im hoping that AWOS can support a multiplayer game (up to 6 players) in WWCHAT in future.

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1.05 doesn't influence online compatibility at all; it just does a number of bug fixes. In fact it's probably perfectly possible to play against a player with v1.04 with a v1.05 C&C95. It's not advised though, since 1.04 crashes when you reveal beyond the upper border of the map.

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