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Appropriateness of user made maps on Cncnet


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O my Elmah is back.  I could not explain in a million years so here is the first round for your enjoyment!
Play what  you like! Life is too short not to.
Elmah insists I warn all of you so here it is!
  On 3/9/2015 at 12:03 AM, ElmerFudd said:

#2. Do you not understand that this server is intended for classic games. The garbage deceptive corrupt maps you play are not classic. It does not fit in with the intent or the spirit of this server.


here is the map_db dump    just for you Elmah...  4,882 TS maps to roll around in........sorry, I mean some garbage for you.



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Whoever this guy is, he has some serious problems. He has a very big mouth, i see, but when i challenged him to 1vs1 on WW maps, he RAN. And i am only middle class (= noob for the elite).

I find these maps very fun, and thats it: We are playing to have fun. If you want to prove your intelligence, thats fine; but it would be better, you prove it in real life competition.

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