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Claustrophobia (1v1/2v2)


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Chokes and tight build spaces galore! The 3 northernmost Tiberium fields are bigger than their southern counterparts in the 1v1 variant, so each player can make the choice to either play for superior Tiberium access, or for extra offensive utility via south advantage. I'm very interested in seeing how the faction matchups will play out on this map, given that I've yet to do any playtesting myself. :- )

DOWNLOAD LINK: claustrophobia.zip


1v1 variant (vertically mirrored)

posted image

2v2 variant (horizontally mirrored)

posted image

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Hey Lovehandles, can you tell me how to mirror a map??? Iam trying to make fair maps once in a while, and iam always strugeling with fairness in the way off same buildingroom/ ore/ gems. Is there a program for, or is it just a simple trick?? I know how to work in both editors.

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