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  1. My understanding is that certain maps are scripted to put players into teams based on their spawn locations, usually denoted by "auto-ally" or something along those lines in the map name; keep an eye out for that. :- )
  2. Do you guys have this source/quote at hand? Curious to hear Westwood staff's take on this. :- )
  3. It's a slider for determining starting units. :- )
  4. I've certainly been considering it, though I'd have to wrap my head around how to edit and compile the code first. :- )
  5. I was somewhat regretful of it initially as well, but it turns out the game itself doesn't even care. Not convinced the different Tiberium IDs (ti1-ti12) actually represent different stages of density -- seems like the game determines the density of any given Tiberium cell based on its proximity to others. This (ti1 on the left, fill-with Tiberium on the right): Turns into this ingame: This was done with XCC Editor, for reference.
  6. Salutations, my fellow forum-goers! Here's a small collection of existing maps I've edited to be (hopefully!) 100% symmetrical, with some additional player spawn variations for the ones that support more than 2 players. The intention is to update this thread with any new releases, supposing I ever get around to making more edits. :- ) Full credit goes to the original authors: (cn2) Twin Peaks by cn2mc: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/2351-cn2-twin-peaks/ (MN) Electric Avenue, (MN) Heavy Metal and (MN) Modest Field by MN_Chief: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/774-ferrets-map-workshop/ (Wht) Zodiac, (Wht) Rush Down Rampage, (Wht) Frosted Hostilities, (Wht) Elevation, and (Wht) Quarry by AchromicWhite: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/7933-whtzodiac-2v2/ , https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/7619-whtrush-down-rampage/ , https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/3869-whtfrosted-hostilities-1v1/ , https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8380-whtelevation/ , https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/5071-whtquarry-1v1/ MAP PREVIEWS (cn2) Twin Peaks (Symmetrical): (MN) Electric Avenue (Symmetrical v1.1): (MN) Heavy Metal (Symmetrical v1.1): (MN) Modest Field (Symmetrical): (Wht) Frosted Hostilities (Symmetrical): (Wht) Rush Down Rampage (Symmetrical): (Wht) Elevation (Symmetrical): (Wht) Quarry (Symmetrical): (Wht) Zodiac (Symmetrical): INSTALLATION TUTORIAL Download the .zip archive attached below, and extract the "Symmetrical Maps v1.0a" folder into the "Maps" subfolder in your Tiberian Dawn directory. Symmetrical Maps v1.0a.zip
  7. Chokes and tight build spaces galore! The 3 northernmost Tiberium fields are bigger than their southern counterparts in the 1v1 variant, so each player can make the choice to either play for superior Tiberium access, or for extra offensive utility via south advantage. I'm very interested in seeing how the faction matchups will play out on this map, given that I've yet to do any playtesting myself. :- ) DOWNLOAD LINK: claustrophobia.zip 1v1 variant (vertically mirrored) 2v2 variant (horizontally mirrored)
  8. Aye, feel free to hit me up either here via a pm, or on CnCNet itself. I usually go by "Lovehandles" or "Lovehand^SY". :- )
  9. Have a cheeky lil' bump from me -- Release 2 is officially out! Check the original post, or click here for the full changelogs to see what's new. :- )
  10. The second release of the balance patch is more or less ready to go, we just need to add it to the CnCNet client. :- )
  11. Very glad to see my favourite Matt of Attack is still alive and well; keep up the good, and no doubt immensely arduous, work. :- )
  12. I think what White's talking about is adding a toggleable option that locks in certain settings, like 10000 starting credits, 0 starting units, crates off, bases on, (no Visceroids, please) and limiting the map selection to a curated pool of maps suited for 1v1, and maybe 2v2 games. This would be especially helpful for people that are relative newcomers to the scene, and it would give us somewhat of a tournament standard to work with too. As long as the interface is easy to understand, I don't think this argument holds much water. That said, though, the CnCNet client itself could do a better job of explaining what exactly the "Balance Patch" setting does -- a simple link to the main thread whenever you turn the option on/join a game with it enabled, would be a helpful addition. :~)
  13. As other people have already mentioned, these changes are part of an optional setting you can turn on/off whenever you host a TD game. :- )
  14. It would appear MikePence has a lot of sympathisers. :- )
  15. Shucks, I'll have to simplify the poll in one way or another, then. Thanks for the input! EDIT: Alright, it's been done did. This change is probably for the best either way, considering how bloated it was before. 🐵
  16. Hello, peeps! We'd like to gather some simple data on where the community stands in regards to each individual change that was made in the Community Balance Patch. You can read more about the Community Balance Patch here, for further explanation of each change. Feel free to post more in-depth feedback as a comment instead. 🙂
  17. If you're not mercilessly ganging up on people, you ain't playing FFA right :~)
  18. Why do you believe this to be the case?
  19. You'll still see all games; it's an optional setting you can enable when hosting a game, like crates and capture the flag. (-:
  20. The Visceroid will be forever immortalised in the original game -- something this optional balance patch can't, and won't change :~)
  21. *WORK IN PROGRESS* Consider this thread the dumping grounds for changelogs and any feedback related to the Community Balance Patch. These changes are not 100% set in stone, and are liable to change in future releases. Release 2 is largely a test bed for the current modifications. What is the Community Balance Patch? A completely fair and warranted question, my fellow. In essence, it's an attempt at rounding out some of the game's rougher edges, and giving some of the more undertuned units a bigger chance to shine. This has mostly been achieved by padding out some of the more commonly neglected units, be it due to their stats, or just high tech requirements. Ultimately, our goal is to improve over-all unit and strategy variety, while keeping the gameplay in line with the original as much as possible. Can I still play with the original balance? Yes, yes, and yes. The Community Balance Patch is an entirely optional setting that can be enabled (or disabled) at one's own leisure, whenever hosting a game on CnCNet. Release 2 (25th August 2019) (These changes are listed relative to the original balance, click HERE to see the full changelogs and what has been changed between individual versions/releases.) We've decided to streamline the changes somewhat for this update, for the sake of reducing the amount of variables at play, and to make room for more targetted testing. Some of the previous changes have been benched for the time being, but might make a return in a later release (possibly in a modified form.) Stealth Tank Cost has been reduced from 900 to 700. This is essentially just an overall increase to cost efficiency, giving them a damage output advantage over Recon Bikes for one, meaning that their entire selling point isn't just their stealth functionality anymore. I don't think this change requires much explanation; Stealth Tanks are largely just worse Recon Bikes, but with a stealth gimmick. This buff is an attempt at making them a more worthwhile investment, while still keeping them inferior at unit skirmishes, when compared to Recon Bikes. Artillery Turn rate has been increased from 2 to 5 (Same as SSM Launchers, the MLRS, and the majority of the tanks). This makes it easier to target fire with, and react to flanks. MLRS (Rocket Launcher) It's now a GDI-only unit, has had its health increased from 100 to 120, and only requires a Communications Center (radar) to access now. We're gunning for this unit to function as a respectable support unit against light vehicles, and an outright counter to infantry and air units (through scaling/critical mass, if not by default). GDI's analogue of the Artillery, but superior in most ways, except for their minimum range, inferior damage output and lower health (relative to their cost). Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV) Its sight radius has been increased from 2 to 4. The sight radius increase is intended as a quality of life change to make it easier to orientate oneself at the start of a game, and help out people with lesser map knowledge. Chem Warrior Tech prerequisite has been changed to Communications Center (radar) to improve accessibility, and give them a chance to find a place/role in the metagame. I'm expecting/hoping it to function as something along the lines of a bootleg Grenadier, but time will tell! Rocket Soldier Health has been increased from 25 to 50, to match that of Minigunners and Grenadiers. Even though they're the best anti-armour and only anti-air infantry in the game, gutting their survivability this badly isn't justified -- especially when you consider their cost, and the fact that they basically have no favourable matchups, except against Orcas and Apaches (More or less all anti-air in the game is cost-efficient vs air units). Broadly speaking, this remains the case with the buff -- notable changes being that 2 Rocket Soldiers will usually bring an Apache down to a sliver or so of health, and 3 Rocket Soldiers will confidently beat it. Light and Medium Tanks are also going to have a notably harder time using their superior speed (and range, in case of the Medium Tank) to kite them to death. Weapons Factory Health increased from 400 to 480. (3 Apaches/4 Orcas to snipe, but slight damage output variance CAN cause the Weapons Factory to survive with a tiny bit of health left. Supporting with as little as 1 Minigunner should be enough to guarantee a kill.) The cardboard box has been reinforced with a double-folded sheet of toilet paper, making it slightly more resistant against all damage. Considering the massive difference in resilience between the Weapons Factory and Airstrip, I would colour this a justifiable buff. It needs to be vulnerable, but not to the point that brainlessly diving it will be almost effortlessly rewarded. Last, but not least, a Nuclear Strike CANNOT kill it anymore, but will leave it smoldering with a sliver of health. I believe the burn damage will usually kill it, unless it's repaired in time. Construction Yard Sight radius increased from 3 to 6. This is intended as a quality of life change to make it easier to orientate oneself at the start of a game, and help out people with lesser map knowledge. Visceroid Health has been lowered from 150 to 1, it has been fully disarmed, had its ability to crush infantry removed, and in turn, been made crushable itself. This is really just to keep them from ruining the odd game now and then. Ideally, they would be removed completely.
  22. just tested the map, they went straight for me regardless
  23. Haha, that's awesome! And yes, I could make some maps for this for fun. I've been thinking about trying to get Tiberian Alert back in order, and maybe start working on that. Although I could definitely start doing some maps potentially for Tiberian Dawn as well. We'll see! EDIT: On another note, you should upload some more commentary videos! I've been lurking a little bit, and by the way, nice work on keeping content up on your channel. get on it, lad
  24. Mole40k wrote a really comprehensive guide for Tiberian Sun, I'd suggest you check it out here :~)
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