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Who will take over the island [Extra] [Fixed Final version]


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Wanted to edit some things in the map to make it more fair *even tho its not that fair but that what makes it fun*

What is changed :

  • Added both the Allied Battle Lab and Soviet Battle Lab in each of the 4 rooms.
  • No Spy!
  • Now each player has a shipyard near his base instead of the 3 shipyard that were on each side.
  • Added tougher defences for some rooms including Yuri's Shipyard.
  • Added 4 Prism Towers defence for the Weather Storm and 2 Tesla Coils for the Nuclear MSilo.
  • Added Genetic Mutator.
  • Removed Cloning Vats.
  • Robo Tank no longer need power.
  • Cosmonauts price increased from 400 to 500

Note: Also grand cannon range in these maps is heavily reduced.

That's all! :D

Hope you enjoy this version!





Who will take over the island_.jpg

Whowilltakeovertheisland[Extra][Fixed Final version].zip

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