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  1. I THINK (!) this happens when playing a pirated version of the game. But it should have happened in every lvl not just 11. Did you change any of the files perhaps, so the Anti-piracy thinks it's an illegal copy?
  2. Dropped you a sub and a like Good luck!
  3. There's a new map going around called "Save the Momorial" that's you might want to try. I have one video of it published ( we didn't make it past the first wave lol ) and I'm posting a new one tomorrow ( one where we actually win, sort of ) .
  4. Ever wondered what units might have made it into Red Alert 2 but were scrapped at various stages of development? Did you know a unit can be seen in the opening cinematic but was replaced by another unit at the last second? Click on the image or here and watch the video to learn more! p.s.: What unit from the ones listed would you most like to have seen in-game?
  5. You're .map file is too large like Roooo said.
  6. A quick search of the forums does wonders From 17:10 onward is probably what you're looking for https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8327-new-tutorial-how-to write-on-map-preview/
  7. I'd think the same as you do a normal map preview, he just added the text in Photoshop before converting the JPG.
  8. Island Divided (2) A mysterious island appeared in the Caribbean. As the island is full of riches every faction is racing to control it! To fuel the war efforts each player has two small gem patches & a large ore patch for each player. Tho due to the positioning of the tech oil derricks and the natural obstructions on the island, which patch belongs to who is murky at best. There's an extra oil derrick for each player on separate small islands. Cruise and fire! Download: island divided (2) v1.0 [tkragon].map As always any suggestions to make the map better will be listened to and maybe implemented
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