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Red Alert: Aftermath, hardcore AI mod updated


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Hi. This ini files intended to increase gameplay against AI. Now AI making huge attacks i bet even someone experienced will swet =)


My last ini file Changes:


- Can build MCV in the very beginning as usual base

- Allies can build Airfileds

- 2 new unints:

Allies: Badger Bomber (replacing yak, so no Yak avaliable on the Soviet side), drops parachute bombs.

Soviet: Commando = General Stavros, have sniper rifle - there is a know bug with this unit: once you put it chinook it is trying to fly away beyond the map.. so catch it! currently trying to solve this...

- Allied tanks - HP and Damage increased by 10%

- Pillbox and Turret: Range and HP  increased by 10%

- All prerequisites removed (makes AI build big amount of Momonth tanks, 3-5 MCV's and deploy them, once i've played and AI had 11 Construction yards!!!)

- Rate of the airfields and helipad's increased (makes AI build up to 7 airfields\helipads so beware of huge airstrikes (upto 15 units at once))

- Buildings removed: All fakes, Sand bags, Barbed wire, Silos, Power Plant

- Units removed: Gun Boat, Gap Gar, Radar Jammer, Thief, Spy

- All troopers - HP increased +10

- Crates rate increased by 10x (makes AI able to get and use Atomic bomb, MCV, bober strike etc)

- Ore grows 4 times faster (almost unlimited ore)

- Atom bomb damage increased by 10x times

- Tanya and General Stavros cant be crashed by units, speed = 5, increased range and hp

- Just added Nerguard's(many thanks) tesla tank skin and same for the light tank

- MAD tank prerequisite - soviet Tech

- Medium tank now has Minigun as secondary weapon (added it to fight against troopers)

- 10 paratroopers instead 5

- Chinook now have more HP than attack helicopter, heavy armor, Minigun weapon. Also when it carries troopers on board and some AA shoots in it chinook automatically drops its troops as paratroopers =)

- dog speed and hp increased

- artillery more hp, heavy armor, rotation speed increased, cost increased

- minelayer 10 mines, speed and rotation speed increased

- Bazooka and Allied attack helicopter rockets now have HE warhead - this makes this rockets usefull against troopers. Otherwise it is very strange that bazooka need to shoot 20 times to kill 1 trooper, now only 2-3 times

- income rates are increased so one truck now bring 1000-2000 credits

- MCV undeploys

- beginning credits: 15000

- increased building, units and troopers max quantity (AI bulds huge bases and sooo many units)

- changes in AI IQ to be more effective

- medic speed and hp increased, selfhealing, cost reduced to 500

- mechanic, engineer speed and hp increased

- now one need only 2 engineers to capture any building

- some other minor changes


How to install:


Download: RA Aftermath Hardcore AI - November 2013.zip

Can be used with red alert with aftermath 3.03 from redalert1.com or any other nocd version of the game greater than ver 1.97

Unzip all files in your red alert directory overwrite if needed(dont forget to make backups for your files).





Do try it with Funky's Official\Unofficial Online Red Alert - this way you can challenge AI teams against Human teams).


Download RA here:




1. Download: Hard AI for Funkys RedAlert1_Online

2. Unzip it to RA main derictory and overwrite(dont forget to make backups for your files).






Have fun! =)



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I have messed with RA-1 for long time. It is not possible for the skirmish mode AI to build naval units or the needed naval buildings for them. If you place naval buildings (Naval Yard or Sub Pen) on the map for the AI with C&C-RAED. The AI will sell them at the start of the game. [The AI dose the same for the Repair Pad as well] If you use map triggers to reinforce naval units from off the map the AI will make the hunt all over the map. This is the closest I have got to naval unit for the skirmish mode AI.


It is worth noting that I have made the AI build on water. I have put WaterBound=yes on the flame tower and the AI would build them on any water around there base. So the AI can build on water but it looks like what KevinLancaster said and is said in the rules under "AI Controls" that the AI for skirmish mode is one that was made for C&C95 so the logic need for naval units was never made.


Here is a pic of the AI spamming Pillboxes I took for you.


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I don't think it's possible for the AI to build a navy ("water bases/units") because the comments in one of the files say that it was actually designed for C&C1, which didn't have any naval buildings/units.

That seems quite weird to me, seeing as C&C1 has no base building AI whatsoever.

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True but... From RA1 Rules.ini


; ******* AI Controls *******

; Computer Skirmish-Mode behavior controls. The ratio values are based on the

; number of buildings in the computer base that should be of the type specified.

; The ratio total should exceed 100% so that the base will always try to grow as

; it vainly attempts to achieve the specified percentage composition.


; Take note: The computer AI in Red Alert is merely a warmed over version

; of the AI experiment I wrote during the unallocated time in the month

; following C&C's release. It was more than adequate at that time (even

; difficult to beat), but since Red Alert is a very different game, the skirmish

; mode AI is somewhat under-effective. In order to improve the AI

; over this initial experiment, the following controls are provided. It might

; be possible to manipulate these values to achieve a greater challenge when

; playing the computer opponent.

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