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New Urban (UBN) fix and Improve plan《〈Administrator attention ! 〉》


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Because I love this game very much, from 2002 to 2020, I hope that the original map of Urban (UBN) climate will be fixed and the hidden functions (such as tunnels) will be restored.
Objective 1:
At present I have fixed many original terrain errors and I will upload them here one after another. (Administrators are strongly requested to test these files and join the next YR-CNCNET update)

Terrain Fix.zip


Objective 2:
Currently I have implemented the tunnel function without bugs.
but! Not only Final Alert 2 is required, some parameters of the tunnel need to be manually edited in the .map file to be {perfect}
I will post it in my work: 4v4_top_of_the_world.map

Tunnel for UBN fix file (test version) 





Objective 3:
I want to make all climates in one UBN (sno + tmp + urb + des)
This can be hard work, and I'm not sure if one has the strength to complete it.

Imagine that you are flying from the snow on the map across the grassy plains to the desert area in the middle of the map.

These english by googletranslate

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On 1/28/2020 at 5:21 AM, [YF]_Revive said:

I want to make all climates in one UBN (sno + tmp + urb + des)

Cool idea, but a waste of time. It would be overly complicated and confusing to use this in the map editor. 
I would much rather have New Urban's theater temperate tiles replaced by snow for one version and by desert in another version.
Seeing as complete urban elements and respective terrain tiles should be available on all theaters.

It's frustrating when you can't use a high bridge on a desert map or a waterfall...

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it would be super super easy to make and implement those tiles, but the problem is no one is going to be able to use them in fa2 since fa2 reads from expandmd.mix files, and not expandspawn.mix or whatever it is that cncnet uses 

ps; you should use those patched files he provided since they will just overwrite the old ones seamlessly

pss; we have a tool to generate tunnel data, yfrevive. https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=37881

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