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  1. Map crashes!!Please use EXCEPT_CNCNET to help me analyze! 4 players, 1v1v1v1 (FFA), on this map[8](water war)_top_of_the_world_ver_1x70xxx_YFrules_R3BExxx.map , running for 1 hour, this error occurred after a long battle! The following is the client report.EXCEPT_CNCNET.TXT Remarks: I have tested this map many times and made every code rigorously, and there have been no errors in the past year. But something went wrong today. I hope someone can help me analyze the "client report file"
  2. please tell me ,what you want repair where ? Please take a screenshot of the place to be fixed, upload the picture and tell me more BUG Fix.7z
  3. need cncnet admin repair this BUG!!!
  4. to day i'm up date ,the version 7.2xx need more test in game please tell me bug and you say
  5. You fixed the tank blocking the enemy garage. But caused, his own infantry hit his own infantry look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Mght7XzYz0 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2HxRPIAJqA
  6. Because I love this game very much, from 2002 to 2020, I hope that the original map of Urban (UBN) climate will be fixed and the hidden functions (such as tunnels) will be restored. Objective 1: At present I have fixed many original terrain errors and I will upload them here one after another. (Administrators are strongly requested to test these files and join the next YR-CNCNET update) Terrain Fix.zip Objective 2: Currently I have implemented the tunnel function without bugs. but! Not only Final Alert 2 is required, some parameters of the tunnel need to be manually edited in the .map file to be {perfect} I will post it in my work: 4v4_top_of_the_world.map Tunnel for UBN fix file (test version) UBNCONTUN.zip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGIdkUbL3gY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VffEhunPEzM Objective 3: I want to make all climates in one UBN (sno + tmp + urb + des) This can be hard work, and I'm not sure if one has the strength to complete it. Imagine that you are flying from the snow on the map across the grassy plains to the desert area in the middle of the map. These english by googletranslate
  7. !!!!!!!!!! Except for the <dead unit> you said, this bug, There are three other situations that cause this bug, 1. If the suspended vehicle (Robo tank) descends quickly from the hillside, this bug will definitely occur. 2. (Chrono Legionnaire) From the vehicle, getting off the vehicle will definitely produce this bug 3. Many vehicles are driving in crowded places, there are some chances for this bug
  8. The newly created {new Urban map} still gives this error if there are a lot of units
  9. Use [Magnetron Tank] to grab another vehicle. After this error Cell, you can solve this error in the game Where Chrono Legionnaire came out of the vehicle, Also produces this error
  10. Urban climate map, road landslide has errors, I fixed it, please put these two files into the next cncnet update prslpe Fix.zip Wrong slope direction !!!! I will continue to fix more terrain in the future [YF]_Revive ramp05.ubn repair ramp05.zip
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