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  1. You fixed the tank blocking the enemy garage. But caused, his own infantry hit his own infantry look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Mght7XzYz0 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2HxRPIAJqA
  2. Because I love this game very much, from 2002 to 2020, I hope that the original map of Urban (UBN) climate will be fixed and the hidden functions (such as tunnels) will be restored. Objective 1: At present I have fixed many original terrain errors and I will upload them here one after another. (Administrators are strongly requested to test these files and join the next YR-CNCNET update) Terrain Fix.zip Objective 2: Currently I have implemented the tunnel function without bugs. but! Not only Final Alert 2 is required, some parameters of the tunnel need to be manually edited in the .map file to be {perfect} I will post it in my work: 4v4_top_of_the_world.map Tunnel for UBN fix file (test version) UBNCONTUN.zip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGIdkUbL3gY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VffEhunPEzM Objective 3: I want to make all climates in one UBN (sno + tmp + urb + des) This can be hard work, and I'm not sure if one has the strength to complete it. Imagine that you are flying from the snow on the map across the grassy plains to the desert area in the middle of the map. These english by googletranslate
  3. !!!!!!!!!! Except for the <dead unit> you said, this bug, There are three other situations that cause this bug, 1. If the suspended vehicle (Robo tank) descends quickly from the hillside, this bug will definitely occur. 2. (Chrono Legionnaire) From the vehicle, getting off the vehicle will definitely produce this bug 3. Many vehicles are driving in crowded places, there are some chances for this bug
  4. The newly created {new Urban map} still gives this error if there are a lot of units
  5. Use [Magnetron Tank] to grab another vehicle. After this error Cell, you can solve this error in the game Where Chrono Legionnaire came out of the vehicle, Also produces this error
  6. Urban climate map, road landslide has errors, I fixed it, please put these two files into the next cncnet update prslpe Fix.zip Wrong slope direction !!!! I will continue to fix more terrain in the future [YF]_Revive ramp05.ubn repair ramp05.zip
  7. [2020-01-05]This is an old version, the new version is being tested and produced This is a beta version, please find the bug, then in this forum report to me . Hard work for more than 100 days Author [YF]_Revive I will continue to adjust Game balance 4v4_top_of_the_world_ver4x8f.map
  8. Chinese original words English google translation 1 起始位置 在内部世界的拐角处 1 Starting position at the corner of the inner world 2 岛上没有桥,那是港口,新的版本已经去掉这个设定 2 There is no bridge on the island, it is a port, this setting has been removed in the new version 3 矿石所在位置,随着版本变更,会改进。我经常在线测试新版本的地图。 3 The location of the ore will be improved as the version changes. I often test new versions of maps online. 4 是4v4 Left Vs Right,在内部世界可以是 2v2 3v3 4v4,在外部世界还可以是 2v2v2v2 4 is 4v4 Left Vs Right, it can be 2v2 3v3 4v4 in the internal world, and 2v2v2v2 in the external world
  9. I recently made another simple map and found that players need Not too complicated map I have to rethink the terrain
  10. i'm is a girl ,not gay!!!! but ,my pc run multi core for YR is very good. intel i7
  11. In the picture, gamemd-spawn.exe launched directly by cncnet uses only one core. In some large maps, a core operation can cause a sense of stagnation. I manually set up gamemd-spawn.exe in the task manager, using all cores. Then the game is very smooth and there is no stagnation. The request, cncnet launched gamemd-spawn.exe, can be automatically using all cores.
  12. my english not good ,tanslate by google: Sometimes, it is very desirable that a {large screen !!} 8k display directly display the entire map. Sometimes smaller resolutions are needed to improve performance and make the game faster. You can change the resolution of this game at any time during the game by using the mouse wheel or by assigning hot keys. For example, the scroll wheel goes down from 1920x1080 to 2560x1440, and then turns down to 3840x2160, or even 7680x4320. (According to my test, an 8k display requires a game map of at least 150x150 squares to display properly) Or the wheel goes up once, from 3840x2160 to 2560x1440, and up again to 1920x1080. If this function is implemented, it will be very useful. I just came up with an idea, I hope everyone can realize it! The original words 希望實現:動態變更分辨率, 性能和視野之間可隨時切換。 有時候,很希望一個{大屏幕!!}8k顯示器直接顯示整個地圖。 有時候需要更小的分辨率讓提高性能讓遊戲更快。 通過鼠標滾輪或者可指定熱鍵,實現在遊戲過程中,隨時變更這個遊戲的分辨率。 例如滾輪向下一次,從1920x1080分辨率變成2560x1440,再向下一次變成3840x2160,甚至7680x4320(根據我測試8k顯示器需要遊戲地圖至少150x150方格,才能正常顯示) 或者滾輪向上一次,從3840x2160變成2560x1440,再向上一次變成1920x1080。 如果這個功能實現,將非常有用。 我僅僅是提出一個想法,希望大家能夠實現!
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