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Defense of the Fortress v5.18


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So i updated this map and fixed some stuff in it.

I hope you all like it now x)

Old map info here:


1- Build Speed is changed from 0.7 (normal) to 0.6 (A little faster) meaning you will make units a little quicker now.

2- Psychic Reveal is changed from 15 minutes to 10 minutes.

3- Player 1 and 5 can now make 4 Magnetrons instead of 3. Master Mind is still limited to 3.

4- Warfactories, Barracks and Power can now be spied.

5- After 30 minutes Player 1 and 5 will get to control a Nuke (5 minutes recharge time) and a Chronosphere (7 minutes recharge time).

6- Fixed "Reconnection Error" after someone leaves.

7- Day Time and Night Time switch is now faster.

8- Since people were able to spy their own allies civilian factories in 2v2 or 3v3, now every civilian factory will automatically be destroyed.

9- First Mayan tower cannot be powered down by a spy.





Here: Version 1

Here: Version 2

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