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Yuri's Revenge Update 6.3 - Now includes new themes


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This update mainly sees the introduction of two new community submitted themes, a big thanks to Martin (@RaVaGe) for his contributions on these two new themes.

For future change logs, you can always visit our GitHub releases page.

  • Bug fix to update Sedona Pass (Mega Wealth) #7
  • New Client themes added by @RaVaGe
  • Update to Custom/maps.txt instructing .map files only.


How to change your theme

  1. Open the CnCNet Client
  2. Make sure your version is on >= 6.2
  3. Go to Options and select Display
  4. Under "Client Theme" select the theme you want.


Allied Theme

Allied Theme Main Menu

Allied Theme CnCNet Lobby

Allied Theme Custom Game Lobby

Soviet Theme

Soviet Theme Main Menu

Soviet Theme CnCNet Lobby

Soviet Theme Custom Game Lobby



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I don't like the Allied theme because of the dog and and tanya pictures, i think they should be removed, because not everyone wants them and not everyone wants pictures. probably most people agree with me about that.

Add yuri theme too -with no pictures- please.

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I made a poll and here are the results

Not many people are voting, but at least this proves that most people don't want pictures, It is now 4 - 8,    4 want pictures and 8 don't want pictures.



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