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Oil Derrick from TD for Red Alert


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This replaces the Gap Generator with an oil derrick.

Obviously for modding, as who wants an oil derrick as a gap generator.

You'll see in the gif animation that it looks like it pauses up at a couple of points, that's because the gap has 32 frames for the whole turning animation and the derrick only has 14, and 14 doesn't go into 32, so some extra frames have to be fitted in (2 double ups per full turn of the derrick).


And here it is!



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No, I could add them... Not in the same way as they are in TD, but still could add them.

Was going to be for my mod, which isn't 100% dead, although it might yet wind up being remade and renamed. xD


The idea of filling up from a derrick that's on fire seemed a bit nuts... in saying that, you'd still be able to fill up from it, even it was blown up. So maybe I should just add them.


In fact... I maybe could make this totally epic with all that extra room above... HMMM (stay tuned!)



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