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Network Game for C&C Red Dawn?


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Hey guys, I would first like to thank you for such an amazing mod. ts surprisingly fun to play on skirmish and the Ai seems to have a much greater longevity as well. I was also impressed how it played so flawlessly on Windows 7


I was wondering why the game skips back to the main menu when I try to host a network Game, I would really love to play this game with my roommate.


Thanks again



PC - Windows 7

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I downloaded the Standalone Red Dawn 2012, it is in a separate directory from my First Decade Red alert, I tried looking for the thipx32.dll you were referring to on the CnC.net website and could not find it, I even downloaded the CnC.net version of Red Alert and could not find it in that directory. I looked in my First decade red alert directory and found it, threw it in my CNC Red Dawn directory but Network/Lan still does not work.


should I try installing Red Dawn in my First Decade Red Alert directory?


HALP.... :(


thanks anyways

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I hope....


Geting it to work on CnC Net is easy. The hard part is that CnC Net doesn’t know Red Dawn from normal Red Alert. They get put into the same lobby. If a Red Dawn player tries to join a Red Alert room they get a compatibly error. This is also the same a Red Alert trying to join a Red Dawn room.


Since there is no way to tell Red Dawn from normal Red Alert I chose not to let Red Dawn on CnC Net since it would cause a mass reporting of compatibly error. I have no idea how to get Red Dawn to be separate from normal Red Alert. If some one has ideas let me know PM work well.


Notify me of replies ON.

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Wasn't hifi was going to modify the .exe for you? As far as I know, he still remembers you exist since he acknowledged you in the "Broken CnCNet update was broken!" thread. All you really have to do is remind him about it (with your updated copy) before the next update is released.

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isn't Red Dawn using v3.03? So the correct DLL would be the WSOCK32.DLL, not THIPX32.DLL


Anyway, if you only want to only play in LAN, then Download this. It is just a IPX wrapper for Red Alert 1.


Yes it is using v3.03 but you have first run the CnC Net.exe The start Red Dawn and go to LAN.


don't all mods work on cncnet anyway? You just need to make sure only to play people who also have the mod.


Yes it works just fine but I never set it up to work with CnC Net. Doing so would cause a large number of post saying it dosn't work because people would be trying to join normal RA1 games.

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