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- - - TREASURE ISLAND - - - and - - - DIAMOND QUARRY - - -


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                                                                                                     - - - TREASURE ISLAND - - -

(Sea version of Diamond Quarry)

[8] Treasure Island v1.0 star.jpg

[8] Treasure Island v1.0 st alm.jpg

[8] Treasure Island v1.1 (CCCP84).map


                                                                                                        - - - DIAMOND QUARRY - - -

[8] Diamond Quarry.jpg

[8] Diamond Quarry pr.jpg

[8] Diamond Quarry v1.1 (CCCP84).map


Diamont Quarry is inspired by Rush2 map.


[4] Rush2 (Shivp).map

This is a very good map. It was more popular than Tour of Egypt on the Russian server. Unfortunately it has some slope problems.

Strange, but on CNCNET it is completely unknown. Although, in my opinion, it deserves to be official.

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the detail is really good, but i am concerned that the cliffs and ramps will break the pathfinding. i can see you
hid rocks behind all of the cliffs, but some of these ramps look really sketchy: 

can the miners actually make it in and out of the pit in the middle? seems like slave miners would have a big advantage

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what does the d button do? dont press it.

We played this map. All works ok. No problems.

Played long game with 8 players.

Rocks are there to prevent landing there paratroopers.

223.jpgIts very hard to deploy base there, but its possible )

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Thank you friend. I really put a lot of work into my maps. All details and rocks are always made by hand without automatic tools that work poorly.

Of course, my most laborious map is Oceania. An absolutely insane amount of labor was invested there. Although Australia contains more labor, as this is Oceania + additionally a lot of work.

Oceania is a very interesting map for the game. There war episodes are played out in separate sections of the map.Now I do not want to play anything else but this.

I dont know what is with slopes. Maybe it damaged in my FinalAlert? i have version

But all slopes work good. I tested all.

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