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TD - icCup Roundabout (3) v1.0


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Welcome back everyone! So what's new with me? College is insanely stressful and I have zero time to make maps. Well, I had time for one :)


(Download link at bottom)


Number of players: 3

Map size: 59x59 (True-centered)

Symmetric: No


Numbering system: scm158ea

Map Name: Roundabout


The original concept came to me when I was playing with 3 guys on C&C95 the other day. It would be cool to have a 3 player map, due to how often we get parties of 3. however, there are a couple of problems that I will address right here about 3 player maps:


- In order to have NOD balanced, all three positions would have to be in a line, from top to bottom (possible, but sketchy map design in my book. Also difficult to pull of)

-In order to have perfect symmetry, it is physically impossible with integer playing fields to have the map be even they way I did this.


Now, with that addressed, I'll talk about aesthetics:


The original idea was to have 3 different hill bases for each player with to entrances at each side of that player's mountain. the middle was going to be a huge, impassible mountain, but then i changed the idea completely. Now it is everyone is on the low ground, with a mountain in the middle to separate the battles, and to add more fun, the ore fields are contested. I did a complete 360, and went from slow macro styled map to fast-paced turf war.


Please, leave any feedback below. I really appreciate it guys.



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Interesting. Most looks pretty good, although the middle and lower right mountains look a bit man made (not sure if it was intentional?)

It's good to have Tiberium fields that are both pretty much captured by each player at the beginning and some that are fought over, but player 2's own Tiberium field is very small... the other 2 fields are contested, seems a bit unfair on him.


Apart from that, it looks pretty good unless you wanted to spend heaps of time going around the edges of the tib fields making them to smooth them out (but I know that takes ages, and lots of people don't care xD).

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good point about top-left's tiberium field. I might make changes to that later if i find that position has a hard time getting money. I originally figured that the battle between bottom center and right was going to be the main battle, and top left kind of get's left alone, thus by default he should get less money. I will have to play online with someone to be sure. Thanks for the feedback! :)


Also: I feel as if the fields are already pretty smooth. I'm not too worried about that.

The cliffs were made like that intentionally, to give the illusion of balance.

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I really like your environment/forestry work. Hows about a 5 player map with trees (no cliff faces) as well? Im sure you would make it look pretty damn sweet.


Also, don't let the NOD restrictions on airfields/etc bother you too much, most of us just adapt to the given map.

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