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Possible Ladder cheater "Djinn"?

Hungry Mike

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I want to report a possible cheater on ladder. His name is "djinn".

He didnt scout me, yet his apc came to my base. Please check him out. He went 1 ref engi/cc against me on Forest Fire, but i made sure noone came to my base. I asked him in game, he refused to answer.

So: Either i didnt see a special miracle scout, which i doubt, or he used alt scout or another form of cheat.
Please check him out, maybe there is some truth about it, idk.


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It is a common tactic for caryalls and subs to take a gamble and do this. You must try and be aware of if you are crossable or not m8. A rpg/laser/tanks and some inf can stop sub/engie cross and some sams/tits or rockets/sams can guard against carry crosses

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