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My cncnet YR client is running very slow


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56 minutes ago, Leo0112 said:

Did that. Helped a bit but the problems back. It got better after the last update. But mow again same issue. Seems to happen when a high number of players are online.

Can you tell us what is lagging exactly, we might be able to pinpoint the problem.


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The game rooms lists are lagging. After every 1 minute the error shows DTA client has stopped working/not responding and again. Gets worse when lots of people are online. Its so slow that im unable to even select a game room and then the error shows up. 

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Its because of weak cpu. i have same problem. when there is more than 4000 online, my cpu is loaded on 100% and i cant press any button. Game becomes to lag too. I have to kill cncnet client process after game started to play normal.

Cncnet client loads cpu too much. Something wrong in its code, i think. Maybe possible to make it better.

Maybe need to make, that client will refresh list of games 1 time in 20 seconds. Now it refreshes every second. I think thats the problem. And it have to stop refreshing at all when game started.

I think, the same is with players list.

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