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RA2YR Balance tick box


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I don't know what other feel about this but I've been playing RA2 with out the expansion.

The main reason is because Yuri with out the community patch and allies are stronger than soviets.
If an additional tick box could be Added "Community balance patch" i would maybe start playing RA2YR more 

The three balance changes i would like are:
1) Battle fortress becomes a Soviet unit
Or Apocalypse tank
 can load 3 units having the same affect as a battle fortress including a speed increase
The speed increase is recommended because prism tanks when they attack with 4 or more seem to stun the unit.
Or Battle fortress speed reduced
2)All tech labs offer spies
3)Mind control when active, slows the units speed 
Or units has to be below half health to be mind controlled, any unit with health above half health will take mind damage over time.

Any one else feel these changes would be beneficial? 

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1. No, Soviets are already over powered thanks to the cost effective Rhino tank, Desolator and Iron Curtain.

2. The Allied side is the weakest so it really needs the spy.

3. Mind control can be countered by spamming basic infantry or cloaked units such as mirage tanks.

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@fireghoul you're opening up the can of worms. Nobody agrees on balance to change the game. Nor what kind of game setting to play. Soviet is strong already with Superweapons gameplay. Without Superweapons, soviet is weaker than the other two, yes.

The game will never be changed by cncnet since there's no agreement, but many people have modded it themselves using maps. Like the one I made. https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/3201-mx-mod-maps/

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