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Is the Direct IP peer-to-peer option working?



Hi, I downloaded the C&C Tiberian Dawn recently from the linked path in the site. I connect to the server succesfully with a friend and like I expected, the game runs slowly (my friend and I are from Argentina).


We try to connect trough the "direct IP peer to peer" option and seems it doesn't work. It isn't working or what?


I am creating the game (I am forwarding the port) and my friend put my WAN IP in the setup, but can't connect. For the record, we connect perfectly through dosbox to play another game with the same host-client situation.


Thanks in advance.



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C&C95 takes a short minute or two for its netcode to adapt to your latency. Try clicking around with units at the start of the game to get it working. Usually takes like 5-6 clicks on each side.


Also make sure the game speed isn't set too high, it might cause big problems.


Otherwise the directIP OR peer-to-peer mode should work fine if you both have the proper port forwarded and allowed through any firewalls/etc.

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