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Can anyone remember these missions?


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I was bored the other day, so I fired up C&C 95 since I hadn't played in a while. I was flipping through the new missions trying to decide which one to play, but I had already beaten them all.

I was about to exit the game when a wave of nostalgia hit me. I suddenly remembered different missions I had played a long time ago, I couldn't have been more than 6 years old at the time.

I was barely old enough to sandbag my way through the campaigns, engineers and granadiers were "yellow men" and "blue pants" respectively, but I have vivid memories of having somewhere between 10 to 40 different new missions. There were the usual Nod VS GDI missions, but also 2v2's, 4 player FFA's, 3v2's and I also remember being able to play as a "blue" faction which can build both GDI and Nod buildings and units.


So I wonder what the heck happened to these missions? I couldn't find anything on the web. So I figured if anyone knew he/she would be here.

So can anyone tell me what's up with these missions, or atleast confirm that I'm not imagining things? I would LOVE to play these again.

Now that I have the core of my topic out of the way I will describe one of these missions. No, you don't have to read this next part.



I played this mission to death but never actually beat it. I think it was called "A big fight", it was a 2V2 on a desert map. You play as GDI.

As the mission starts your base is already under attack, much like the "infiltrated" mission you can play right now. You start in the southwest corner, your ally (also a yellow GDI) starts in the northeast corner with pre-build bases. Two Nods are in the opposite corners. The Nod in the northwest corner is red and has no access to nukes. There's kind of an island in the middle, surrounded by a narrow river and small bridges. After the initial attack on your base the two Nods will focus all their firepower on your ally. It will hold out until the southeast Nod uses nuclear missiles to wipe the base out completely. It starts with the CY, then the war factory and barracks, and finally the power plants. After that both Nods will focus their attention to you and you're pretty much screwed (well, atleast 6-year-old me was).

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Hmm... Solo is collecting all custom missions we can still find into huge mission packs. You may want to check there.



As for blue side that can build everything, it's a classic trick. They just use the Multiplayer houses (multi1-multi6), which can build everything unless the configuration of a multiplayer game limits them to one side.

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Hi Ferrados and Nyerguds,


I've put the SP collection in cnc-comm.com too.


Yes, "A Big Fight" is a Kohlrus mission. Maybe "Quadrophonia" uses the same map, I'm not sure now.

And another author, Tobias Janssen used this map too, but I haven't republished it yet, I think it's part of a mini-campaign.


Ferrados, you'll find missions to play for the next five years eheheehhe


And if you wanna help, see this

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18 down, 191 to go...

Unfortunately my dad can't even remember what we had for dinner last week, let alone what happened to some old floppies 15 years ago. But if I do find something you'll be the first to know.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to crawl into a little corner and I won't come out until I can no longer stand EVA's voice.

And thanks again!

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