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Tiberian Dawn - New World (working title)

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Ok, I've decided to create my first of many C&C95 scenarios, but it's lacking something, I don't know what, though.


Oh well, here you go!


Note: Core files are subject to change. After all, it's my first scenario, right?


UPDATE: A few changes to the terrain and tiberium assortment. If there's anything else you want on the map for challenge, let me know.


UPDATE2: Foilage terrain removed to prevent crashes. Sorry. :(



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Hi Commander!


Suggestion: Go ingame, play a bit and press CTRL+S. This will produce some screenshots that will be saved in your game folder, have a try.


If you consider your triggers and teamtypes completed and satisfatory I'll have a try, but people here will demand the screenshots.


And yes, later you can update and or upgrade your mission. For example: I have a map here that, although playable, needs some changes, but I haven't done it yet.



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