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Results of a test TS league

Hungry Mike

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Months ago, i came up with the idea of an own TS league. Since then, nothing happened. But there is a way to "test" it: I will just tell the results of some YT games or games i watched between pros or semi pros.

With that: I saw videos in YT and heard of it, too: Mola won against Ray in a best of 9 or so with a clear distance. So Mola gets 3 points. Feel free to announce your matches or show them, if you like :D. Its just a test of that idea, if it doesnt work, who cares. Dazi vs Mola went 0:2. Rami and Mola vs Humble and Ray 1:1, please tell me, if theres a deciding match.

"Test table" so far:

Mola: 6

Dazi: 0

Ray: 0

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I have not played ts in maybe 2 months possibly 3. Definitely have not played with ray since he has been back. Rami is fast learner but with ray it would be hard to loose that match and i almost feel bad for whoever did, lol. 

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New results:

Ray won against Mola (idk how high) so 3 points to Ray. Mola won against Firestar 2:0, 3 points for Mola.

I won against Integ 2:1, 3 points for me :D.

I heard John won against Rob, but idk.

So current stance on that test table:

Mola 9

Ray 3

MikePence 3

Firestar 0

Integ 0

Dazi 0

Tell or show me some other game results, if you have them!

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