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  1. Greetings. Have you ever wanted to be good at a game? Do you like real time strategy? You've come to the right place. Training packages: Learn how to play GSO map: $20 (takes approx 1hr) Learn how to play Giants of War: $20 (Takes approx 1hr) Fully trained in offense and defense meta: $50 (takes 3-4hrs) Trained to be capable of beating battlized: $150 (takes 8 hrs) Trained to be capable of beating TheWonder: $600 (takes 40 hrs) Trained to be competent on terrace map (includes offense/defense meta) $1000 (takes approx. 100 hours) Trained to be a fully competent competitive player (includes terrace map training) $2000 (tales approx 240 hours). Required: Cashapp, discord, mic head set, a PC with 8 gigs of ram and a 2nd gen intel processor or higher, stable internet connection, a 24-27 inch monitor Discounts: 10% off for anyone who can produce an IQ test over 100 showing you have the mental capacity to communicate and follow basic instructions. 10% off for displaying a reasonable APM and hand eye coordination with aimlab.gg
  2. Avesta

    GDI is OP.

    all nod does is spam lasers, almost same DPS as an rpg for cheap and basically instant build. No skill
  3. It doesn't really matter does it?
  4. Probably just delete it tbh... I’ve been saying for 5 years that there is no point in advertising or working on any other client project until clans and multi player rank ladders are implemented. Nothings been done in 5 years, nothing will ever be done in the future, and I got suspended and post restricted for just bringing the issue up.
  5. Avesta

    GDI is OP.

    Play with Firestorm mode on if you want balanced game. Or stop playing small open maps where Titans rule and play on Grand Canyon or River runs where Titans are useless and GDI can do absolutely nothing about Artillery.
  6. Known Fakemammy since early 2001 when he used Mutantrab on Firestorm. One of the ~5-10 or so members of the Firestorm community that ever got to a high skill level on this game. I was internally worried about him all of last year. Could tell something was wrong when talking to him. Now I wish I would have asked more questions and see if I could help. One of the few TS players with a proper sense of humor, rip
  7. So it’s ok for them to trash our game but I can’t respond? fuck you people
  8. Losers focus on winners, winners focus on winning.
  9. When you are feuding with someone you are required to discredit and belittle everything they do and like. Now that we touched butts I support and advocate for your projects. Also, Black was my slave name.. I’m a new man.
  10. Well this topic sure was funny and relevant 3 days ago.
  11. 1. He is very calm, never over reacts, and always responds rationally. 2. He is awesome when he wins, but lacks patience and self criticism in a loss. 3. He cries too much about the performance of his allies despite his reckless style that ignores the concept of long game. Expects to be praised and worshiped by others while belittling and ridiculing all other players. 4. Other players would not have a breakdown and leave the discord server while placing every single player on ignore due to receiving a tiny fraction of the abuse that he deals out to others. discuss
  12. Uh, can I get special badge? I witnessed myself beating this map like 2 years ago.
  13. Avesta

    Spec Chat?

    Just get better hosts that ban people. Or set 4 player games. stop giving these people anything to think about other than 2v2 rank/clans.
  14. Avesta

    Dumb Units?

    I can replicate the 2 disrupter on carry landing on the same tile..
  15. Avesta

    Dumb Units?

    They work as the developers intended. You just need to improve your skill as a player to avoid these issues. previous versions of vet had improved unit automation but the uproar from this games dumpster fire community over people having the audacity to make it better was louder than BLM. A lot of things that are seen as major problems like harvester AI have been addressed, fixed, and then reverted back to original state due to the protesting of corpsmakr, greyhonda, trz, and steelcore. So be sure to thank them anytime they pop their heads in. (They only pop in if their is something to ruin or complain about.)
  16. I’d love to, but the staff here seems to think upholding a life long punishment for something that happened like 1-2 years ago and wasn’t even that big of a deal is reasonable.
  17. The thing is, even if you have a $4000 1337 machine your still going to have the same connection problems. Your #1 problem is your ISP.
  18. Additional thoughts: considering your PC has a 350gig mechanical hard drive Released in 2007 i would wager that you have an equally not modern processor in which could simply not be able to run windows+ applications on top of it.(for reference, the $120 pc I linked comes with an ancient 500gig HD.) and considering you have utorrent installed I would also wager that your PC is infested with virus/spyware. Do a full system restore or buy a $20 solid state drive to replace your current hard drive with a fresh windows install. tl:dr - u need a new computer.
  19. Step 1. Have decent internet. If you can stream a YouTube video without interruptions you should be fine. Step 2. Make sure your desktop and in game resolution are the same. If you have a nice computer your base resolution might be higher than the game can handle. 1920x1080 is max. Step 3. Do a system restore on your computer to clear up any excess back ground processes that could be hogging up your cpu/ram. If you aren’t willing to do that then at least pull up your task manager, go to the “start up” tab and disable anything that doesn’t look like a 3rd party application. And reboot if this doesn’t solve your problem then your computer is just bad and you need to buy something else. Like this. https://www.newegg.com/dell-optiplex-9010/p/1VK-0001-5EY19 which is a 7-8 year old pc that can run TS easily with no issues. as long as your computer has any i series intel processor And 4-8 gigs of ram you should be fine. Older or lower quality processors could potentially struggle to even operate windows 10 itself. So no matter how low the requirements for the game is. If you can’t even run windows well you’ll have problems running any applications on top of it.
  20. Avesta


  21. Avesta


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