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  1. https://youtu.be/hKoOAM-tjbM
  2. I’ve been saying for over a year that your GDI is better than your Nod.
  3. Avesta


    I gotta say I always wondered how a Naboo like you was worthy of mentioning. Nice to see a member of the firestorm crew though. Hope you’ve gotten less bitter over the years. id offer to play some games with you but I refuse to participate in TS or advocate that anyone else should until there is a 2v2 ladder in place. take care ^_^
  4. The authors of all the good maps like these don’t want them used without it. But I’m sure you have no intention of respecting any perception but your own. It’s not that hard to add/remove VET out of any map yourself.
  5. Avesta


    Nothing’s at stake, what are you putting on the line?
  6. You can only have that if GDI gets a fix so that units automatically de-target when placed on a service pad.
  7. Man you are spot on here, can’t believe you and I are on the same page. When I made this topic I too thought that every map should be included provided that they are fair. And thus my narrowed down list of terrace and terrace was born. Thank you for your support.
  8. Molas 1v1 ability are due to his 2v2 performance.
  9. If carnage made a serious attempt to regain the throne I wouldn’t doubt his ability. But I can safely proclaim Mola as the best Nod player currently active.
  10. Avesta

    GJ @dkeeton

  11. I realize my suggestion sounds strange from the perspective of someone who doesn’t play TS. Because it’s weird to have an entire game focused on 1 playing field. But the developers at WOL clearly stated that the maps for TS were not carefully adjusted for balance. They were thrown together quickly and eye balled. This lead to the majority of official maps being unusable for a game even close to fair. While terrace isn’t a perfect map by any means as a fully equal map (especially in 1v1s) it’s the closest we have besides “Tunnel Training” which wasn’t popular due to its very small size and unacceptably limited tiberium availability. This problem lead to 99% of games being played on a single map which was terrace (not counting the modded community..) or games with more than 4 players. Only in the last 2-3 years has TS had really nice player made custom maps that are appropriate for a game like this. But they have been largely neglected because of the 15+ tenure of having terrace as the only reasonable option. Our habits And comfort zone have just been set in stone. (And of course the hate brigade whom wants to spite VET because they don’t like its author). This is why I’m suggesting to just put terrace on the ladder and ignore everything else. Fact of the matter is, the majority of players who would disagree with this would have no intention of participating on the ladder anyways. And having giants on it would give the giants community means to participate with their peers even though I suspect a tiny fraction of them will have any desire to 1v1 on it. There are arguments to have all maps but I disagree with this because while terrace itself is not perfectly balanced almost no other map is appropriate for a 1v1 or is massively outrageous with its lopsidedness.
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