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  1. I mean, besides corpsmakr, they’re all pretty much solid 10/10s What’s the point in making a poll? You didn’t even ask which one is “most” savage. Most impressive player in 2020 for me is Rami, he’s most improved by far, always paying attention, makes good decisions, and doesn’t slack off. Donno who is “currently” active but I’d add trooper to the list I guess?
  2. I didn’t read a single post in this thread.
  3. I’m genuinely curious as to why you want that “....... ....”. (I self edited out the curse words for the moderators). to answer your question though, I wouldn’t rule out anything that isn’t multi-player ranking system as a high priority for this bunch. In fact, all we do around here is argue about maps so maybe we should just remove all maps and force every game to procedurally generate a random map.
  4. And I’m the one who doesn’t gets posts approved.
  5. No matter how many times you suggest it, unfair maps aren’t going to be added to competition systems. You have to freedom to set unfair/excuses maps in your private games. Please stop trying to force everyone to play unfair/unbalanced maps in competition. Whether you like it or not you will be forced to play on a level/fair/balanced environment in competition. If you don’t like it then keep sitting out with your full diaper.
  6. All that typing and you didn’t provide a single comment not already refuted in my previous post. Nod favored maps are fair provided that you have the option to play Nod. And I can’t really think of any besides the 6-8 player maps in which I always reject all of anyway. If your going to sit there and proclaim that objectively balanced maps are “unfair” then that kinda retards all the subjective things you have to say by default. i do think somethings wrong with you for preferring to play a PVP game on an 8 year old laptop with a 12 inch monitor over the PC you won. But that’s no reason to dislike someone. You think your infallible and claim the people who worked on VET are inferior to you. While it’s an objective reality that you are no where near as good as you think you are and almost everyone who was involved is way better and more knowledgeable at the game than you. I can’t do the crazy things people like carnage, cambria, humble and others can do but even I can see so many holes in your game play and consider you to be 0 threat in a 2v2 game. I’d seriously be more concerned about someone like steelcore being across from me. I know for a fact you are going to do the same thing in every game, you will be very weak with infantry, you aren’t going to ever warn or support your partner.. I can essentially ignore you outside of harvester hunting. And then watch you blame your ally after losing. You are objectively an 8/10 player who had a style that only works in 1v1s and focuses on boring your opponents to death. Your 7/10 at best on any map other than terrace. I fully stand by everything I said about the people you’ve “trained” as well. Carnage is there only person who is competitive and I’d honestly question how much you even added to his ability considering how quickly he improved to the point where he could beat you without even taking you seriously. Anyways, we aren’t going to leave TS in an unfair state just because that’s the way you want it. Which you’ve clearly said is the case.. you acknowledge it’s not fair and you proclaim wanting it to stay that way. And once again, you are free to put yourself at any disadvantage you would like in your private games. But fairness and equality must be forced upon players participating in competition. And you trying to force people to play in competition with unfair advantages is disgusting to me. I’m glad to see you’ve decided to stop posting. As there is no point unless you can actually provide an argument with relevant substance. But we both know there is no argument to be made on your view since we are literally arguing fair vs unfair. Show your face again and I will always be here to stop you from sabotaging progress.
  7. "Why must you reply to literally everything I say on the forums, it's blatant what your stance is as well as mine, yet you continue to be a foul troll with 0 intention or capability of controlling your urge to insult people at any chance you get." Corps, if you continue to advocate for a unfair competition I will continue to call you out for it every time. Stop trying to sabotage progress if you don't want to hear from me. You can complain about "insults" but words have definitions and I am using terminology that adequately fits your behavior. "I dont like you and you dont like me, great, now stop polluting this thread or any other thread with your stupid baseless inflammatory drivel." It's true that we don't like each other but its important to recognize the reasons why. I don't like you because of your narcissistic delusion of grandeur persona. While you don't like me because I don't show you undue respect and blindly agree with everything you say. That's a pretty stark difference in view points. Once again, if you continue to advocate for unfair game play by campaigning for unbalanced maps to be included in a competition system I am going to continue to call you out on it. I agree with your description of pollution content, however, its necessary to make sure that your deluded views aren't allowed to be viewed unchallenged. And finally, you can complain about "inflammatory drivel" but once again, words have definitions, and the words I've chosen are 100% fitting and accurately descriptive of your behavior and ideology. As for having no bases, I have simple math, logic, and morality on my side. Everything I've learned in my 30 years on this planet tells me that fairness is a good thing and should be utilized in competition. I've also learned that anyone who disagrees with that has some kind of advantage over people that they don't want challenged or otherwise believes that they will one day be able to take advantage of the imbalance in their favor. When a system in place for players to compete to determine the better player, Having one player have an advantage makes no sense because its a mathematical imbalance. If one player has a tiberium patch with 50,000 tib available to harvest and another player has a starting patch that has 45k tib to harvest then the first player has a mathematical advantage that will lead them to certain victory if all other things are equal. This is no different than having 40m dash where one person runs on a level surface and another person is running at a 1% grade. 1+1 has to equal 2, if 1+1 = 2 for one player while 1+1= 1.5 for the other player, the math is illogical and thus unfair. "The argument made several times months ago was that more people preferred the vet maps, which is why the entire map pool consists of them. Now the same people making that argument are saying that the only people that play the ladder now are those who prefer the standard maps. So suddenly ALL of those who were in favor of the vet maps have stopped playing it over the course of what, 2 months?" Other than weaponx, people who favor VET have never played the QM ladder with or without vet maps because the QM ladder is a bad concept for TS and 99% of players don't like or care about 1v1s. This point means nothing other than the fact that you've admitted that the majority of players prefer VET. "I get all of this vitriol and bullshit spewed at me because I don't want to play on a ladder with additions I don't support?" Its fine if you don't want to support the ladder due to your ideologies, but your lack of support isn't the reason you are targeted. you are targeted because of your insistence on sabotaging it with unfair/unbalanced maps. "I am not the one insulting everybody with an opposing opinion, nor am I the reason for the decline in activity" The very nature of your argument is threatening and inflammatory towards anyone who values the concept of fairness and balance for competition. And trying to over state that you are being flamed just because you are being appropriate labeled as an insane hater is also indirectly offensive since you are attempting to have my posting restricted. "I haven't seen a single one of you besides myself teaching brand new players the fundamentals of the game, but yet you sit on your undeserved pseudo high horse insulting them and banning from your games without giving a chance of spectating or answering any of their questions." Blatant delusional comment.. Our games are filled with specs and new players unless there are 8 or more people that aren't unknown. Your "training" hasn't produced anything of note for the pro player community. Any player who has the social wherewithal to enter a game and ID himself as someone who doesn't lag and wants to spec is and always has been welcome unless room is needed for established players. Quite frankly all your "training" has done is create multitudes of players that are someone worse than you with infantry and other aspects of team play (never warn, never pay attention, etc.). Not to mention a complete lack of understanding of all things strategy. You are so full of yourself its embarrassing to read. "You, you are the reason more people don't play. Now hush and let the mods decide whether to keep or change the way things are. " Very true statement here, without an active community of sane players playing the game it has had a huge impact on the player base having anyone to log in to play with. When I log in and see nothing but toxic players on I usually just log right out. But back when people like Humble, Skylegend, Cambria, etc. were active logging in was a pleasure. So if you only look so deep you could blame lack of activity over all on the lack of activity of "us". But if you look a little deeper you can ask the additional question of why aren't any of the sane players playing anymore? The answer is because of the behavior of people like you. Finally, the mods wouldn't have made this thread if they didn't want discussion on it so I'll be happy to do whatever I want with or without your permission.
  8. I’d rather the ladder not be played then give the haters a platform to hate and cheat on tbh. I said from day 1 the QM concept isn’t going to work for TS and nothing is going to change that. If maps are changed then the band of haters boycotting it will start using it to try and prove a point. But their dedication will quickly subside and after a week or two it’ll go back to corpsmakr being the only one using it and other players randomly hopping on to bash him. One could make the argument that things should be catered to what the people still putting in 10+ hours a day on the game want and from what I can tell that’s pretty much limited to the 4-5 anti vet haters at this point. But I can’t submit to making something unbalanced and unfair just because that’s what a handful of insane people want. I’d rather the whole game just be shut down than made into a paradise for low IQ players that are scared to play in a no excuse environment.
  9. I have beatin Firestar 4-5 times in less than 5 minutes without even trying (just like all the other so called “good” giants players) Also, firestar is semi-competent on real maps making him a less relevant example. I mean, on giants you have infinite fast money, only need to build 1 power plant for EMP, 10-20 sams + stealth and not a single giants player can stop a 1 ref dissrupter attack controlled by a skilled player.. you still arguing that they’re good at the game? They have literally 0 skill. 99% of them can’t even prevent a jump jet scout from breaching.. it’s a spam map that makes its players rely on mass units and the vast majority of them don’t even have enough wearwithal to prep air defense on a map where banshees are the only threat after 3-4 minutes in. Why do you think those guys have been playing for so many years and haven’t improved at all or learned anything and still die to the same simple rush in every single game I bother trolling in. After a certain point they can’t even maintain the stamina to keep clicking on banshees and are just reduced to spamming chem/multi missles at each other. literally the 1 and only skill you develop playing giants is emergency MCV trading after you get KOd. PS.. please investigate 1337 as a possible TRZ alt account.
  10. This guy gets it.
  11. At the risk of asking you a serious question (given your history of responding with nonsense).. Do you think that the giants players would compromise by accepting a version of their map that does not have fast harvesters, super power plants, etc? I wouldn’t be opposed to having giants on the ladder provided that the units and structures are set to VET patch standards.
  12. Im not posting it publicly, it was a private conversation. It’s been shown to everyone who matters. You can message me on discord or ask funky/dkeeton if you’d like to see. Dont know why you care about TS though. (I knew this would devolve into a continuation of the other threads.. You can’t use logic to talk someone out of an opinion they didn’t use logic to arrive at in the first place)
  13. Supposed to be? Can you provide your source backing that up? Because I can provide a direct quote from the lead programmer for TS at Westwood studios that suggests otherwise.
  14. So basically you want VET then?
  15. Fact of the matter is TS players don’t care about 1v1 games outside of a sub 1% minority. There is really nobody left playing TS except for the hater community and a small amount of low/mid level players that don’t know any better. I personally don’t think they should be catered to whether or not the sane community is active. XWIS is available for anyone who wants to play unfair competitions. The QM ladder in its current state is fair outside of allowing multiple usernames per player. Stock maps are unbalanced with or without VET. Having unbalanced playing environment in a tournament is a mockery to the concept of competition and it shouldn’t be allowed even if a handful of insane people advocate for it. The only way activity is ever going to be increased is to support multiplayer competition features. And your also going to have to advertise for new player base since the sane community is burnt out from dealing with the insane players plaguing the game for the last several years. Your also going to have to split the tournament into tiers so that people like WeaponX aren’t matched up against people like johnzpro. Obviously this requires effort and financing which makes it a unacceptable solution. Therefore, with the consideration that your asking for changes that won’t require effort, financing, continuous monitoring/support etc. The QM ladder in its current state is in the best and fairest condition it can possibly be in. Id make the suggestion again of limiting usernames to 1 per player in the interest of fairness. But all that will achieve at this point is de-incentivizing additional players from participating that previously depended on that unfair advantage. tl:dr... The only way to get the remaining toxic player base to participate in competition is to increase their ability to play unfairly. Increase usernames per player, provide them with unbalanced glitchy maps, and disable anti-cheat so they can use their map/tech cheats. The real reason they don’t want to play is they don’t want to have to play without a built in advantage or built in excuse of being at a disadvantage. There’s really nothing more to it.
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