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Tiberian Sun is freezing


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I don’t want to break your rules by suggesting a solution that isn’t known and working.

But cncnet should work right off the installation with 0 issues on a windows 10 platform. I’ve never encountered any circumstance that caused it to freeze/reboot my PC. 

Start by making sure you aren’t using an extremely high desktop resolution. 1920x1080 is the highest compatible resolution for TS. Some higher ones work but if you get too high it can cause problems. If that doesn’t work then the only thing I can suggest is to do a system restore on your computer to get rid of whatever virus/spyware is blocking the application from functioning. While you are re-installing other programs check to see if TS still works after each one until you find out what was causing the issue. 

if you have a really pimp computer you can try limiting your monitor frequency to 60hz, and force the game to run on your processors integrated graphics instead of your graphics card.

Sorry for not providing known solutions to your vague problem in which virtually no data was provided for troubleshooting. Good luck

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I thought this is a common problem with the game, anyway some guy i played with said his first game is always crashing so I guess many people have problems and back in the day like 20 years ago when I first played this there was memory leaks problems and many matches crashing.

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