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Is it worth it for Soviet Players in Yuris Revenge to spam alot of Siege Choppers vs Prism Tanks? Provided they defend the siege choppers with Desolators and other Important Stuff the soviets got.


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3 hours ago, a1nthony said:

Confused, just don’t deploy your siege choppers and you win vs prisms. 

Yay. Your back again! :D Now this time im letting u know Spamming Yuri Brutes was never the Answer vs Prism Tanks. As that was a Joke Topic. Now here its time to see who defends the deployed/undeployed siege choppers vs Prism Tanks. Cause if you spam siege choppers. with a industrial plant builded. You can spam alot more siege choppers. than prism tanks. ❤️ 

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