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Two "Game Room" GUI suggestion requests. Map title Tooltip + /Ping result readability


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1. Can we please have a ToolTip for the Map Title such as the one that appears when the mouse is placed over a Player.
I would like to place my mouse over the Map Title and see the whole title. Very often it is a map with mods that are undesirable but the Label showing the title does not WordWrap.

2. Also when in a Game Room and executing the /ping command the resulting text can be hard to navigate when there are up to 8 players in the list. I guess 1 player per line would take too many lines but could we perhaps color a Player's text result in their currently selected Color



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it is hard to read.

even one per line. I see 8 lines there. and it is not hard to scroll.

color would make it easy too!

clicking the  "no cheat ' / 'warning'  button brings up a box with the title of the map in its entirety. 


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