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khaled maher

missing buildings?

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I tried to create a map on final alert, but I ran into a problem that some buildings do not exist or some parts of them do not exist and are pink in color
Is there a solution for this?
Is there a site where I can download the missing files?

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some of the buildings dont work in all theaters thanks to an oversight in the .mix files where they arent included in some theater's specific .mix files. it would be super easy to have fixed this, but its kind of been set in stone since the copy of ra2 everyone has includes this error. 

if you want to fix it on your own system, find the buildings, convert their color palate to the right palate, and add the fixed copy to the right .mix files.

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Properly working FInal Alert don't show you buildings which is not related to the current map theater. You probably have installed modified FA or your INI files were edited.

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