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I have recently downloaded the game and I want to unlock all units and buildings to play in skirmish. I have searched on the interner but still can't find a good answer. Help please,I really want to play the game to it's maximum.

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it is there on the internet, no need to extract a thing. You can easily find it.

I myself have modified mine to make Iraq, Britain and YuriCountry to produce all special units.

so, for Black eagle, it would be RequiredHouses=Alliance,British,Arabs,YuriCountry

and did the same for all other special units.


Now, if you also want to start with all 3 MCV's then thats another story. the easiest way is to do it for each map you want to play I think.

Here is my INI if you want it, but it contains other changes too (very small balance tweaks done by Tak3600 and I added a little more on top of it. 


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