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for some reason, the ai sells anything that doesnt have the tag "needsengineer=yes" when it captures it with an engineer. you can make the AI actually use the building by writing AI triggers for it telling it to, but by default the AI has no extra triggers telling it to do that. 

you can actually write AI triggers into a map and also .ini edit the map to give all buildings "needsengineer=yes" and then on top of that use some AI triggers explicitly telling the AI to capture enemy buildings effectively giving you what you want, but doing so would take a few hours at least assuming that you already know AI and map INI editing.

i once made a heavily scripted map that had an AI that does exactly that. if you want to play it, or just poke at it in FA2, you can find it here:


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Just to add to this, we found in single player maps that the AI would 'not', sell captured buildings. However it can be faked, with a 'Fire Sale', script action. The downside being that that particular house sells everything it owns. So I rigged it so if I want the Engineer to sell a captured building, it must be the only unit on the map belonging to 'that house', at the time. 'That house', is of course allied and the same colour as the AI house thus making it look indistinguishable. I ought to just add that the script I used only worked if its simply 0 - Attack Buildings, 1- Fire Sale, 2 - Success. 

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