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How to find a certain map file in custom maps folder


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I cant find this one survival map i'm trying to edit. I know its in my custom maps folder because I play it on cncnet all the time. I've got thousands of maps in my custom maps folder and 95% of them have no specific file name. Just random numbers and letters. Any help.

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The only ways i know how to get the map you are looking is either:

1.) On https://mapdb.cncnet.org/search/?gaem=YR&search=&game=td

2.) Get your friend who has the map already and pass it onto you AFTER you have already cleared/ backup (and removed) your custom maps folder thus making it appear as the first map entry to your collection and obviously the only one

3.) Painfully go through your maps with notepad ++ and search for key words that are unique to the map

Tough lesson to learn but we need to make copies and backups - I don't like how the system is also. If only the client was synchronised with the database and offered you a download/ export in English....

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Total Commamder is also good for searching files by text content. And very convenient thing - you can compare 2 similar files and look at their differences.

Did you know you can delete all unnecessary custom maps using client menu? Right click - Delete map. But it is possible only in singleplayer mode.


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