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YR 8.4 Update


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YR Client 8.4 Update

Reminder that client code is open source and located at:

Anyone is welcome to contribute, join the CnCNet Discord to discuss ideas https://discord.com/invite/AKXMFBR
Special thanks to Devo, a new developer who dove into the code and developed some nice features for this update!


High Level Changes

  • Ability to join a player's game, right click on player name and click join
  • Ability to Disable DM popups
  • Game List Filters
  • Custom map download filenames will have the map name
  • RA2 Ladder map game mode, YR Ladder map game mode
  • RA2 mode "No Dog Engi Eat" game option fixed
  • Map Pack Update

Ability to join a player's game, right click on player name and click join
You can join a player's game by right clicking their name in the private message window, or from the player list on the right sidebar. Normal restrictions apply when using this Join action, if a game is locked then you cannot join until it is unlocked, if a game has a password you must enter the password.
Thanks to Devo for this feature!

Ability to Disable DM popups
A new option has been added to the CnCNet menu. Enabling this option will prevent DM messages from appearing in the client, you will still hear the sound notification if your sounds are enabled.

Thanks again to Devo for this feature!

Game List Filters

At the top of the game list are two new buttons to sort and filter the displayed games.
Thanks to Devo for this feature!


Custom map download filenames will have the map name

Filenames of custom maps downloaded from the client will be prepended with the map name. This will help navigating downloaded maps much easier.

[1] Snarks Second Tower Defense_4fa377b76ac4be00b4f568d0d4439fbdf1d8226e.map

Thanks to Burg for implementing this feature


Ladder Maps Game Modes
Two new game modes have been added to the client, YR Ladder Maps and RA2 Ladder Maps. These game modes contain the maps and rules used in 1v1 ladder for each respective game.


RA2 mode "No Dog Engi Eat" game option fixed
A bug was fixed where game option "No Dog Engineer Kills" would not function correctly when playing in "Red Alert 2" mode.
Thanks to Burg and xme for fixing this issue




New Maps
Upper Decker: A map playable in 4v4 or Land Rush, created by KalpalKapow



Arabian Oasis: A 1v1 map playable in YR and RA2 ladder created by saremGts


Downhill Rush: A 1v1 map playable in YR and RA2 ladder created by Burg


Azati Prime: A 1v1 map created by JaladTanagra




Below added maps are played on ra2ol platform used in competitive 1v1 RA2 matches.



Several more classic RA2 maps added for Ladder, images not provided.

Edited by burg93
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If online player still able to use the same color as AI it needs to be fixed too (it wasn't like that in previous versions).

Some maps have >100 characters long name. I hope it is shortened when added to the standard MD5.map format.

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Since this update just 30 minutes ago, I can no longer play LAN games. It comes up with an error saying something about different game install versions, yet both game maps came from the exact same computer. We get the same message no matter who hosts the game.

"The game host has sent an invalid game options message. This usually means the game host has a different version than you."

That doesn't make any sense. We are both updated to 8.4, maps are all identical, even down to date and time of creation and modify (changed directories).

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